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Intrigue Across America Tour 2024 - Savannah

A True Southern Charm

As our Intrigue Across America Tour unfolded, we found ourselves nestled in the heart of South Carolina's enchanting Lowcountry at our second stop: Hewitt Oaks. Tucked away in Bluffton, a stone's throw from the picturesque Palmetto Bluff, this idyllic venue promised a quintessential Southern experience like no other. Surrounded by the ethereal beauty of sprawling oak canopies, Hewitt Oaks seamlessly merged timeless charm with contemporary sophistication in its meticulously crafted event spaces.

Day 1 - Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design

Day one of the Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design class was a truly transformative experience. Upon entering the room, attendees were immediately swept up in an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Sarah greeted everyone with infectious energy and passion, setting the tone for what would be an extraordinary day of learning and growth.

Attendees learned about crafting unforgettable experiences for couples, spanning from the initial consultation to the grand celebration. By the day's end, attendees felt empowered and armed with practical tools to not only attract luxury clientele but also to exponentially increase sales. This class undeniably marks a pivotal moment for anyone in the wedding industry, promising to revolutionize businesses and elevate standards.

* FUN FACT: We asked everyone WHY they were at the workshop and sooo many people said “to build a million dollar business” and it was super inspiring bc that is why we are here.

Day 2 - Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass

Day two of the Intrigue Across America Tour was an absolute whirlwind of creativity and inspiration! The students unleashed their imaginations and brought to life some truly breathtaking installations that left us all in awe. Picture this: walking into a room and being greeted by a floral floating cloud installation, with delicate flowers like gypsophila suspended in the air as if by magic. It was like stepping into a dream world where beauty knows no bounds.

But that's not all! Another standout creation was a ceremony arch bursting with bountiful blue and white blooms. It was a sight to behold, like something out of a fairytale wedding. What really stole the show, though, was the innovative use of a new product from Jet Fresh – a garland of blue baby's breath already assembled into a six-foot-long strand of florals. Talk about a game-changer! It added such a unique and ethereal touch to the design, and I have no doubt it's going to be a must-have for weddings everywhere. The creativity and talent on display truly blew me away, and I can't wait to see what else this tour has in store!


After day 2 wrapped, the Styled Shoots Across America photographers came in to photograph all of the beautiful florals and decor, along with the help of stunning models. Attendees of the workshops get full access to all professional photos once galleries are completed, which means hands were filled with flowers, minds with inspiration, and portfolios with photos!

Shopping Lists & Pricing

If you are wondering what flowers and products we used to create the large centerpieces at the Tampa tour stop, we're here to spill all the details.

Flowers: Flowers came from ours sponsor Ball and also from our wholesaler and flower friends over at Jetfresh Flowers.

Floral Software: We determined our recipes, flower counts, and pricing using Details Flowers floral softwaire. Full recipe and pricing for the suspended cloud floral installation can be found HERE.

Supplies/Hardgoods: Our friends at Oasis provided a our floral supplies and Lova Candles provided all glass container candles

Creative Partners

Photography by @alainarenephoto

Host: @styledshootsacrossamerica | Concept & Planning: @heatherbengeofficial & @alexiawoolumssaa | Venue: @hewittoaks |Florist: Students of @intrigue_designs workshop |
Floral Co-Host: @hewittoaks | Wholesale Flowers: @jetfreshflowers Delphinium Sunshine & Delphinium Trick @ballsbcutflowers | Floral Software: @detailsflowers |  
Floral Supplies: @oasisfloralproductsnamerica | Linens: @nuagedesignsinc | Candles: @lova_candles @candle_pearls   | Hair & Makeup: @vigilantecosmetics | Stationery: @mimistudiowedding
Cake: @hewittoaks | Gown Salon: @ivoryandbeau | Men's Wear: @stitchandtie | Tulle Gown: @styled.gowns | Vintage Car: @callansclassics | Live Wedding Painter: @tiffani_rose_art @cloudstudioagency | Styling Mats: @livstylemats | Ring Boxes: @lovelyringboxes |
Models: @sydnieuldrick @brettjohnson101 @adrienne_forsyth_ @lovecandace
#styledshootsacrossamerica #intrigueacrossamerica

Special thanks to our Intrigue Across America tour sponsors:

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