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Intrigue Across America Tour 2024 - Santa Barbara

Flowers on the Pacific Coast

At our fifth stop on the Intrigue Across America Tour, we found ourselves immersed in the captivating atmosphere of Sunstone Winery, just outside Santa Barbara, California. This picturesque destination nestled in the scenic Santa Ynez Valley offered a serene retreat. Sunstone Winery's organic vineyard and charming villa welcomed us, transporting us to a world of beauty and relaxation. Amidst the Provençal French courtyards, atmospheric stone barrel-aging caves, and idyllic picnic grounds, we delved into the intricate world of flowers. The setting was truly enchanting, providing an ideal backdrop for exploring the fascinating realm of floral design and fostering creativity and inspiration.

Day 2 - Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design

The kickoff of the Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design class on day two was nothing short of transformative. From the outset, the room buzzed with an electric energy, igniting everyone's excitement and readiness to absorb new knowledge. Sarah, with her contagious enthusiasm and unwavering passion, took the lead, laying the foundation for an incredible day of education and personal development.

Throughout the session, we delved deep into the art of creating unforgettable experiences for couples, beginning from the very basics and extending all the way to the grand finale. As the day concluded, we were all brimming with excitement and armed with invaluable tools to not only attract high-end clients but also to revolutionize our sales strategies. This class? It's a complete game-changer for anyone in the wedding industry, offering refreshing perspectives and striving to elevate excellence to unprecedented heights.

*FUN FACT: You may have noticed that this blog post started with Day 2 -- not Day 1. That's because we did our typically day 2 floral installation class on the first day on site (Monnday) . So, our days were flip flopped!

Day 1 - Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass

On the first day of our Santa Barbara tour stop, students embarked on an exhilarating journey, creating multiple installations for the Styled Shoots Across America shoot crawl. Among these, a breathtaking design adorned the doorway at the front of the venue, showcasing a stunning array of florals in lavender, pinks, and reds. The vibrant colors popped against the venue's facade, adding a touch of elegance and allure to the entrance. Additionally, outside the venue, students collaborated to craft a magnificent 360-degree chuppah design. Towering and expansive, this awe-inspiring structure commanded attention against the backdrop of the majestic mountains, creating a scene of sheer beauty and splendor that left onlookers in awe.

After day 1 wrapped, the Styled Shoots Across America photographers came in to photograph all of the beautiful florals and decor, along with the help of stunning models. Attendees of the workshops get full access to all professional photos once galleries are completed, which means hands were filled with flowers, minds with inspiration, and portfolios with photos!

Shopping Lists & Pricing

If you are wondering what flowers and products we used to create the large centerpieces at the Austin tour stop, we're here to spill all the details.

Flowers: Flowers came from ours sponsor Ball and also from our wholesaler and flower friends over at Jetfresh Flowers.

Floral Software: We determined our recipes, flower counts, and pricing using Details Flowers floral softwaire. Full recipe and pricing for the blooming doorway floral installation can be found HERE.

Supplies/Hardgoods: Our friends at Oasis provided a our floral supplies and Lova Candles provided all glass container candles

Creative Partners

Photography by @lesliejoyphotography

Host: @styledshootsacrossamerica | Planning: @heatherbengeofficial | Assistant Planners: @alexiawoolumssaa @amodernfete @lacedwithgraceinfo @akbrides | Venue: @sunstonewinery @sunstonevilla | Hair & Makeup: @sunkissedandmadeup | Bridal Accessories: @janicetan_co | Gown: @madebride, @styled.gowns | Shoes: @sachlirene_tfota | Floral Design: Students of @intrigue_designs workshop | Floral Co-host: @pacwestblooms | Wholesale Flowers: @jetfreshflowers | Delphinium Trick & Limonium @ballsbcutflowers | Candles: @lova_candles | Floral Software: @detailsflowers | Supplies: @oasisfloralproductsnamerica | Models: @alyenajaye @jacobofe_ | Models: Simon & Indago | Model: @raphaelagriffith | Model: @skylar.quist | Models: @emmamatthewss @tannerblee | Models: @kaceemoses @zak.moses #styledshootsacrossamerica | Modeling Agency: @hellogorgeousmodelsagency #styledshootsacrossamerica

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