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Intrigue Across America Tour 2024 - Austin

Embrace the Sunshine

Welcome to the third stop on our Intrigue Across America Tour, where we found ourselves immersed in the charm and elegance of a venue unlike any other, called Highpointe Estate. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the San Gabriel River Valley, this hidden gem boasted indoor spaces adorned with chocolate-brown trusses, magnificent chandeliers, and an abundance of natural light that streamed in through expansive doors and windows. It was a beautiful place to learn and design.

Day 1 - Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design

Day one of the Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design class was an absolute game-changer. As soon as attendees stepped into the room, you could feel the excitement and anticipation buzzing in the air. Sarah welcomed everyone with her infectious energy and passion, setting the stage for what turned out to be an extraordinary day of growth and discovery.

Throughout the session, we delved into the art of creating unforgettable experiences for couples, from the very first meeting to the grand finale. By the end of the day, we left feeling empowered and equipped with practical tools to not just attract luxury clients, but to skyrocket our sales. This class is a game-changer for anyone in the wedding industry, offering fresh insights and promising to raise the bar for excellence across the board.

  • FUN FACT: Sarah stressed that "You have enough and you are enough to start selling luxury weddings right now." Don't get caught in the trap of feeling like you can't acheive success until "xyz" happens. Just start now. You are enough. You have enough.

Day 2 - Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass

Day two of the Intrigue Across America Tour was an absolute blast, filled with jaw-dropping installations that left us all speechless! First the team embellished a beautiful grand piano surrounded by what seemed like an explosion of flowers, blooming from every nook and cranny below and beside the piano. It was like stepping into a fairytale garden right in the heart of the venue.

And then, there was another installation that took our breath away – lush greenery and delicate florals hanging gracefully from floor to ceiling, framing a magnificent cathedral window. It was like being transported to a whimsical forest, right there in the midst of the event space.

But the magic didn't stop there! The students also wowed us withtwo stunning pillars of florals flanking the ceremony door, bursting with vibrant yellow blooms that added such a joyful touch to the ambiance.

And let's not forget about the suspended centerpiece over the long reception table – it was a true masterpiece that seemed to defy gravity! Learning how to create such an awe-inspiring piece was definitely a highlight of the day. All in all, it was a day filled with creativity, inspiration, and a whole lot of magic.

  • FUN FACT: So, just because you measure twice and cut once doesn't mean a plan may go wrong. We perfectly measeured the height of the hanging centerpiece installation using 80 lb fishing line. Well, when the weight of the florals got into the structure it pulled down the design by about 16 the floating centerpiece was actuallly just hovering over the table. It looked beautiful but a lesson was learned and we are going to do this again in Columbus -- a different way and invite you to come back and see the difference. Or, better yet, join us on tour!

After day 2 wrapped, the Styled Shoots Across America photographers came in to photograph all of the beautiful florals and decor, along with the help of stunning models. Attendees of the workshops get full access to all professional photos once galleries are completed, which means hands were filled with flowers, minds with inspiration, and portfolios with photos!

Shopping Lists & Pricing

If you are wondering what flowers and products we used to create the large centerpieces at the Austin tour stop, we're here to spill all the details.

Flowers: Flowers came from ours sponsor Ball and also from our wholesaler and flower friends over at Jetfresh Flowers.

Floral Software: We determined our recipes, flower counts, and pricing using Details Flowers floral softwaire. Full recipe and pricing for the suspended cloud floral installation can be found HERE.

Supplies/Hardgoods: Our friends at Oasis provided a our floral supplies and Lova Candles provided all glass container candles

Creative Partners

Photography by @alainarenephoto

Host: @styledshootsacrossamerica | Concept & Planning: @heatherbengeofficial & @alexiawoolumssaa |Venue: @highpointeestate | Floral Design: Students of @intrigue_designs workshop | Floral Co-host: @highpointeestate | Wholesale Flowers: @jetfreshflowers Matricaria & Yarrow @ballsbcutflowers | Candles: @lova_candles | Linens: @nuagedesignsinc |
Floral Software: @detailsflowers | Floral Supplies: @oasisfloralproductsnamerica | Hair & Makeup: @sunkissedandmadeup | Stationery: @elephantlimbo | Signage: @craftedbycambridge
Cake: @albacakedesign | Tabletop Rentals: @monarcheventatx | Gown Salon: @signaturebridalsalon |
Tulle Gown: @styled.gowns | Jewelry: @whitesandsbridal |Vintage Car: @lilygracegetaways | Specialty Drinks: @barchefsaustin | Styling Mats: @livstylemats | Ring Boxes: @lovelyringboxes
Models: @isabeau.chubb @eurika_m @averyewood @fbstamps

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