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Over the last decade, I have compiled thousands of pieces of educational content to make starting, running and designing for the wedding floral industry easier, more productive, and more profitable.

I am currently building a series of courses for the Intrigue Teaches Flower School that will help you achieve your goals in the wedding floral industry, and bloom beyond.

Intrigue Teaches courses range from floral care & business strategy for beginners, all the way up to advanced design installations and curated, in-depth business intensives for experienced florists.

These courses will become available in the coming weeks. Fill out the form below to be notified as soon as these courses are available.

Beginner Flower Care

Ideal for the new designer with little-to-no flower experience. During this multiple part course, you will learn the names and care techniques for some of the most popular wedding flowers, as well as tips, tricks and hacks for working with tools and products. With the knowledge you gain during this course, you will be set up for success as you begin your design career.

Beginner Wedding Floral Design

Ideal for the new or budding designer that knows they want to work with wedding flowers, but doesn't know where to start. The course will walk you through a series of arrangements including bouquets, boutonnieres, accents, and low centerpieces. This course will lay the foundation for you to take on more complex designs with confidence and ease.

Intermediate Wedding Floral Design

Ideal designers ready to build more complex designs including tall centerpieces, large scale bouquets and creative accents. Mastering these staple designs will have you feeling prepared to grow your floral design career and prepare for learning large-scale, over-the-top designs.

Introduction to Installations

Floral installations are the industry’s biggest trend, and they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon! You will learn basic suspension and installation techniques that support the teachings in Intrigue’s Big Dreams: Floral Installation Masterclass. This course will have you ready to add these simple floral installations into your very next wedding!

Big Dreams: Virtual Installation Class

Ideal for florists ready to design & sell big, beautiful, floral installations to build and blossom your business. This multi-part course is a detailed look into all things installations. We'll deep dive into conception and planning, flower choices and recipe creation, floral design, installation mechanics, production techniques and tips, wedding and event day strategies, designs, pricing and more!

Intrigue Method:

Finding and Selling Luxury Weddings

This course is ideal for florists ready to get serious about their wedding design business. Intrigue Method will ensure that your calendar is booked-out with your ideal clients, armed with tools and techniques you need to find your luxury clients and change your business, increasing your wedding sales. I am giving you the play-by-play breakdown for how you can find your ideal client, cater to their every need, and sell them their dream weddings!