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Intrigue Across America Tour 2024 - Tampa

The 2024 Tour BEGINS!

The Intrigue Across America Tour 2024 started in Tampa, Florida, which was a treat for the Intrigue Team, since we were happy to leave the cold, dreary days in Maryland. We were hosted by the stunning The Powell Crosley Estate, located in Sarasota, which is nestled along the picturesque shores of Sarasota Bay, and stands as a timeless testament to the grandeur of days gone by. We were excited to add some beautiful blooms to this stunning backdrop!

Day 1 - Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design

Day one of the Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design class was nothing short of transformative. As soon as the attendees stepped into the room, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation. Sarah welcomed them with infectious energy and passion. We noticed right away that this group of attendees was special and there to truly support each other.

Throughout the day, this group delved into the intricacies of luxury wedding sales, learning strategies that have proven to be game-changers in securing high-end clients. What struck me the most was the emphasis on creating unforgettable experiences for couples, from the initial consultation to the final celebration. By the end of the day, attendees felt empowered and equipped with practical tools to not only attract luxury clients but also to skyrocket sales exponentially. This class is definitely a game-changer for anyone in the wedding industry, and I can't wait to see the impact it will have on attendees' businesses.

*A fun fact, this tour stop was Tyler (our team member and co-owner of TK Floral Designs), got a call from his accountant that he had reached his goal of making over 1 million dollars in 2023 and creditied his success to Sarah and her luxury wedding sales strategy!

Day 2 - Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass

On the second day of the workshop, attendees were immersed in a captivating luxury floral installation session that left them spellbound. Led by a Sarah, participants were guided through the intricate process of creating awe-inspiring designs fit for the most extravagant of weddings. With hands-on instruction, they embarked on the creation of a three-story climbing turret floral installation, meticulously arranging blooms and foliage to ascend with breathtaking elegance.

Next, they tackled a two-story ceremony design, learning the delicate balance of scale and symmetry to adorn grand spaces with grace and opulence. Fun fact, this design used ALL the remaining flowers from the about abundance!

The workshop culminated with the crafting of a stunning staircase floral design, where attendees transformed mundane steps into cascading spectacles of floral splendor.

Through this immersive experience, participants not only honed their technical skills but also gained invaluable insights into the artistry and craftsmanship that define luxury floral installations, poised to elevate their offerings to unprecedented heights.


After day 2 wrapped, the Styled Shoots Across America photographers came in to photograph all of the beautiful florals and decor, along with the help of stunning models. Attendees of the workshops get full access to all professional photos once galleries are completed, which means hands were filled with flowers, minds with inspiration, and portfolios with photos!

Shopping Lists & Pricing

If you are wondering what flowers and products we used to create the large centerpieces at the Tampa tour stop, we're here to spill all the details.

Flowers: Flowers came from ours sponsor Ball and also from our wholesaler and flower friends over at Jetfresh Flowers.

Floral Software: We determined our recipes, flower counts, and pricing using Details Flowers floral softwaire. Full recipe and pricing for the 2 two story ceremony installation can be found HERE.

Supplies/Hardgoods: Our friends at Oasis provided a our floral supplies and Lova Candles provided all glass container candles

Creative Partners

Photography by @alainarenephoto

Host: @styledshootsacrossamerica | Concept & Planning: @heatherbengeofficial & @alexiawoolumssaa | Venue: @powelcrosleyestate | Florist: Students of @intrigue_designs workshop | Floral Co-Host: @lemondropsfl | Wholesale Flowers: @jetfreshflowers & @ballsbcutflowers | Floral Supplies: @oasisfloralproductsnamerica | Floral Software: @detailsflowers | Linens: @nuagedesignsinc | Hair & Makeup: @sunkissedandmadeup | Stationery: @slateandbrush | Cake: @sugar_dreams_by_dessy | Candles: @lova_candles | Gown Salon & Jewelry: @solutionsbridal | Bridesmaid Gowns: @moniquelhuillierbride | Live Wedding Painter: @aallianic_art | Styling Mats: @theflatlaysstyler | Ring Boxes: @lovelyringboxes | Models: @payandjacob @annaclairedennis @tmynqch | #styledshootsacrossamerica #intrigueacrossamerica

Special thanks to our Intrigue Across America tour sponsors:

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