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Private Mentoring - The Intrigue Effect

The Intrigue Affect:

It is time to make big changes for big rewards! It is time for your business to experience the "Intrigue Affect." Having launched multiple THRIVING wedding and floral businesses Sarah has the keys to success in this inspiring industry. 

How it Works:

During this Master Mentoring session, I will work with my team to understand and investigate your business. I'll bring my team to your studio or hometown for 3 days of hands-on, intensive training in which we'll work to transform your space, your marketing and your business into the thriving operation that you know it can be.

After 3 days, the Intrigue Team & I will return home, but we won't leave you. We will continue to work with you. You'll have direct access to Sarah via phone/email/text for 6 months after the visit, allowing you to continue to grow under the "Intrigue Affect.”

MAGIC???: This program is most certainly not a MAGIC wand that grants your wish in just one flick of the wrist. The magic truly is in the hustle and following the steps Sarah designs for you. This program is designed for those that are committed to their business and not afraid to work hard. Sarah's secrets to success involves a lot of "hustle". 


Finding Focus:

We understand that every business is different. We will tailor your mentoring visit to YOUR needs. Prior to our visit, your needs will be discussed during your sessions. Sarah will personally walk you through the process, pin-pointing the most effective areas of focus to achieve the success you are dreaming of.


The Pre-Visit:

Prior to the Intrigue Team visit, we'll schedule a series of calls & video conferences to get to know your business and your struggles. We'll discuss everything from your previous work experience, to your design abilities, to your staff needs, to you customer experience, and of course your marketing history and your goals. These pre-visit meetings are designed to get to know your business intimately prior to our visit. We will set you up for success. 
(There will be homework...LOTS of homework!)


The Team Visit:

After studying and deep-diving into your business, we will create a plan and schedule a visit with the Intrigue Team!

You will be joined by Sarah Campbell, our Intrigue Creative Director and our Photo/Video Producer. We'll arrive with a plan and with laser focus! Our goal is your success. This 3-day visit is where the business makeover work picks up speed!

We will need your undivided attention and exclusive focus. These 3 days will change your business and life!


The Post Visit:

During our 3-day visit, we will build a lot of momentum. It is important to keep this flow going. So, we are NOT done after those 3 days. We will continue to check in with you and offer tasks, assignments and suggestions to keep you moving towards your goal, for 6 full months!  Our photo/video team will create a full portfolio for use on your website, social media and as your marketing material. We will continue to build on the marketing plan we strategized during our visit to keep the growth of your business in full swing.


Sarah’s Guarantee:

Sarah is so confident that, by following the steps she designs for your business, you will achieve the success you have been dreaming of and will increase sales by $50,000...within 6 just months! If for, any reason, you have followed the steps Sarah created for you and have not hit the goals outlined in your meetings, Sarah will give you an additional 6 months of her time and continue to work with you until these goals are hit!

Sarah is a master at accomplishing goals and building revenue and in this program your success is her success!

Is it my sales and marketing of luxury wedding designs you are most interested in learning? The Intrigue Method: Finding & Selling Luxury Wedding Course will teach you my strategies that I have used to build my luxury floral business.   CLICK HERE to learn more




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