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Marketing With Masters

Marketing With Masters


*REGISTRATION will open Monday, June 11th, at 2:00pm EST.
Add your name to the pre-registration list to receive early access with reduced pricing.

"Marketing with Masters" - A Virtual Wedding Symposium

Do you struggle to make the "right" advertising and marketing decisions? 
Have you invested thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing efforts that turned out to be a dud?
Perhaps you see the words “advertising” and “marketing” and don’t even know where to start…

It’s about time those problems got solved, don’t you think?

The biggest names in the industry started right where you are: from scratch, and with a dream. Who better to learn from than the people who have been there, done that, and done it well (like, really really well)?

Intrigue Teaches is assembling the greatest minds in the wedding world, and bringing them all to the same place: a virtual marketing symposium! Think Avengers, but for the wedding industry! These masterminds share will their secrets to success with honesty and transparency, with a direct focus exclusively on marketing and advertising.

You've got questions. These Masters have the answers.

This unrivaled experience will take place over 3 days in August, bringing industry legends together to open their hearts and their journey with you.

This symposium is for YOU (yes, you)!
Florist, Photographer, Planner? You’re in the right place.
For the first time in the Intrigue Teaches history, we are opening this symposium to all of the wedding industry. No matter what aspect of the industry you call your passion, you will benefit from this gathering of legends and masterminds! 

This Symposium will teach the following (and more):

  • Getting Started: Techniques for Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign
  • ROI: Planning for Return on Investment 
  • Oops: Avoiding Marketing Blunders
  • Sealing the Deal: Turning Leads into Clients
  • The "Right" Client: Identifying Your Client and How to Book Them
  • Price Shoppers: Why You Get Them and How to Avoid Them
  • Getting Published: Sure-Fire Ways to Catch the Magazine's Attention
  • Bigger & Better: How to Market your Business to the Next Level
  • Beer Budget and Champagne Taste: It's All in the Advertising
  • Proposal Overload: Marketing Smarter to Work Less
  • Why Not: How to Make the Most of Website Ads
  • Re-Brand: Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness with a New Look
  • Hats Off: Managing Marketing Efforts When Wearing Multiple Hats
  • Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest: How to Attract Clients That Want YOU, Not the Lowest Offer
  • Priority: Identifying Clients Preferences and to Focus Your Marketing
  • The "A" Team: Training your Staff to be Your Marketing Team
  • Facebook: Secrets to Targeting your Advertising
  • Instagram: Tapping into a Hidden Audience
  • Television: Getting Your "Face" on Camera
  • Social Pioneers: Discovering a Whole New World of Opportunity
  • Portfolio Building: Collecting Professional Photos
  • Celebrity Weddings: Investing in the Name
  • Pinterest: Making Your Portfolio Work for You 
  • Product Launch: Adding Revenue Streams that Increase Exposure
  • Marketing Math: Budgeting for Profit
  • AND MORE (No joke, we have TONS more topics to cover…)

WHEN: August 13, 14 and 15th, 2018.
(Although the Intrigue Team will be hosting LIVE, the full event replay will be available for 30 days. You can experience each speaker again and again!)

WHERE: Virtual - Learn from your home, studio, office or even your favorite beach chair! 

SPEAKERS: Over 30 master educators, all ROCKING the industry and making big moves in the world of advertising and marketing!

COST: $597 (under $20 per speaker!!!!) 

30 wedding industry superstars.
3 days of in-depth marketing to make you a master.
1 you...whose business is about to change - BIG TIME! 

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