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Ball - SAF Show - July 27, 2020

Ball - SAF Show - July 27, 2020



By purchasing this item Ball is agreeing that you have reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein. By accepting payment Intrigue is agreeing that I have reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein.

This document serves as a promotional partnership agreement between Intrigue Teaches and Ball. 

Intrigue Teaches will implement a custom partner package as outlined below and as agreed upon by both parties in exchange for compensation of $2,500 (Day fee Sarah Campbell) + $4,900 (Expenses paid separately)

Expenses - $4,900 (Please pay via check PAYABLE TO: Intrigue Teaches 1214 Hastings Hunt Way Severn, MD 21144)
(Expense list included in $4,900: 
Venue Rental: $1200 Support Staff: $900 Supplies: $300 Photography: $400 Film Crew: $1600 Production/Script: $500)

SAF Ticket Giveaway Promotion sponsored by BALLSB:


Series of 3 posts created by Intrigue to showcase your product or service. Posted on the @intrigue_designs account in the voice of Sarah Campbell promoting SAF Giveaway sponsored by BALL, broadcast to 100,000+ over the course of a 3 day period.


Series of 8-12 posts in the @intrigue_designs "stories" sharing the BALL sponsored giveaway. All posts are made in the same day to maximize exposure.

30 Minute TV Show Style video created for SAF
All assets can be posted on Ball’s channels, SAF channels and anywhere Ball deems appropriate to maximize marketing exposure. Intrigue's social channels may also be secured to maximize exposure.

(Video to appear on SAF's virtual event July 27, 2020)

20-30 Still Images to be used at Ball's discretion on documents, social media ETC 

1-2 Short Social Media Clips to be used to promote the show being hosted on SAF

3 Instagram Posts

8-12 Instagram Stories

Deliverables to be delivered on or before July 24, 2020 (Except LIVE Q&A which will be on July 27th).

*Additional promotions over and above outlined deliverables are at the sole discretion of Intrigue. Ball will be billed for any requests that are over and above the outlined deliverables.


The below flowers will be Intrigue's focus for the duration of this partnership:

  • Limonium - Skylight, Shooting Star, Silver Pink
  • Campanula Campana
  • Potomac Snapdragon



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