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Luxury Social Media Marketing Masterclass - 2023 Tour


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In 2023, the Intrigue Team is going on tour from coast to coast and bringing all of our social media and marketing strategies with us! Social media marketing has been the key to Intrigue's rise as a leader in the wedding floral industry, and we are NOT keeping our strategies secret.

Tour dates can be found at the bottom of the page. Keep scrolling!

Luxury Social Media Marketing Masterclass - $997

"It is NOT the people WHO ARE THE BEST at what they do that find success, it’s the people who have FINE -TUNED THEIR MARKETING that find success, because they know how to TALK BEST about what they do."

This course is built to propel your business to the next financial level by delivering transformative marketing education that focuses on social media in a way that speaks specifically to unique wedding industry experiences. We are creatives; however, what we experience in the course of running our businesses is much different than the average creative. We work with a perishable product, in a fast-paced environment, that requires organization, patience, procuring clients, and a lot more than just a bit of good luck! We need to approach our marketing with intent and strategy in order to continue to grow. The marketing world is changing faster than ever before, and staying current is vital to business security.

This is a wedding-focused class, but we will not be playing with flowers, tablescapes, or big beautiful parties. We will be concentrating fully on our businesses. Being able to conceptualize and create amazing weddings is only a small cog in the wheel of wedding industry success. Our businesses are built on marketing! Without having the transformative techniques and most efficient strategies to power our designs, the longevity of our businesses suffer, and profits fall flat. We are in this industry because we love it, and in order to stay in business, we need to generate income that excites us!

This in-person course is a power-packed session full of the strategies Sarah has used to build her brand, as well as what she uses during the Private Social Media Mentoring Programwhich is priced at $15,000. During the group class, you will not have the luxury of having Sarah implement the strategies for you, but you will get all of the proven strategies, experience and insight all compressed into one intensive day. This class is for those of you who are ready to make big changes in your business.

Who is this class for?

When curating this course, I thought of the struggles that plagued my early years as a wedding florist: money wasted advertising in the wrong places, the trial-and-error of learning how to build a marketing strategy that worked for my niche, endless hours squandered trying to figure it all out, the overwhelming anxiety that overtook me as I struggled to find the right clients. I thought back to the pain of having to figure out my marketing strategy all alone. There was no one around me that had found success and was willing to help or share. Then, I thought about today's social media-driven world and how it is even harder to cut through the clutter with so many conflicting 15-second pieces of marketing advice that seem to create more confusion than clarity. From this, I found my answer. This class is for people like me, or like the person I was in my earlier years when I knew I had the passion, the drive, and the gumption to make a big impact in the wedding industry and create financial success for my family, but I didn't know how to get anyone to notice my business. This class is for the motivated, the driven, and those who are excited to build a strong brand through the use of social media.

I have spent my career working to ensure that no one has to struggle their way to success. I want to be the teacher, guide, and mentor for you that I wished so badly to have in my own career. You will leave this course with a weight lifted from your shoulders, inspired to take your marketing strategy to the next level, and you’ll know exactly how to do it. You are not ALONE. I am coming to visit and I am bringing my strategies with me!

*ALL purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other event. Registration may be transferred to a different name for the same event on the same date and in the same location at no additional charge. Travel/hotel not included.

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*times and format may vary by city

Morning Sessions
1. Content Creation
10:00am to 11:00am  

Simple strategies for creating video and photo content that won't consume your life. We are in the wedding world, which means we are too busy to be full-time content creators. We need it easy if it is going to get done. This session is priceless and you will not want to be late.

  • Video & Photo Capture: What to capture, when to capture and why to capture, and how to capture in a way that captivates and engages your audience
  • Editing: Painless procedures for producing like a pro without spending hours learning complicated new software applications
  • Copywriting: Easy processes for finding the right words when posting
  • Tagging: Understanding what/who/when to tag to capitalize on the potential of your posts

2. Social Detective
11:00am to 11:30am  
Understanding the nuances of social media platforms to assure maximum targeted exposure. We're working smarter, not harder!

  • Instagram: Identifying each layer of this application and the audience that consumes each space
  • TikTok: Unveiling the rhythm and audience that makes this app tik(tok)
  • Pinterest: Dissecting words and building beautiful visuals for an aesthetically pleasing performance that will attract attention organically
  • Facebook/Meta: Looking back to the social roots and understanding the origins of the social media rhythms that connect with the wedding industry
  • YouTube: Finding success in unexpected places by identifying your place within the vast collection of content

3. Brand Development
11:30am to 12:00pm  
Before we can build a strong social media strategy for your brand, we have to define your voice, style, and esthetic. If you already have a brand identity, bring it with you.

  • Color Theory: Pairing colors with your brand to send a message to your audience without saying a word
  • Word Association: Connecting the right words to your brand
  • Sounds: Collecting sound clips that tell your story
  • Style Clarity: Identifying the style that speaks to your ideal client experience
  • Brand Organization: Creating a place where your brand identity is easily accessible

Midday Sessions
Lunch Power Hour
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Bring a bagged lunch. We have a lot to cover! This will be a working lunch (with a few fun midday assignments) that will make our afternoon sessions even more productive.

Afternoon Sessions
Social Strategy
1:00pm to 3:00pm
This part of the class is game-changing! I will guide you through the process of building a dynamic posting strategy using the lessons we focused on in the morning sessions. After this course, you will leave with a clear plan that is easy to start incorporating before the day even ends. If it is a social media strategy you feel like your business is missing, this is exactly the class you need to be in.

  • Instagram: Strategy Complete
  • TikTok: Strategy Complete
  • Pinterest: Strategy Complete
  • Facebook/Meta: Strategy Complete
  • YouTube: Strategy Complete

You are reading this right! By the time this class ends you will have an organized strategy that is tailored to your business for all of the "BIG FIVE" social media platforms. Wave goodbye to the procrastination, wasted hours, and overwhelming frustration of trying to figure out a plan that never actually happens.

You will leave this class with:

  • An in-depth understanding of each platform
  • A concrete plan on how to deliver on your marketing using
  • Easy-to-follow strategies for content planning, creation, and sharing
  • The confidence to execute your marketing and grow your business

This Social Media Marketing Masterclass will lift the looming weight of social media off of your shoulders, give you your time back and ensure that your business is being seen by the clients who want what you have to offer.

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  • 1/16 - Atlanta, GA

  • 1/23 - Miami, FL

  • 1/30 - Houston, TX

  • 2/6 - Dallas, TX

  • 2/20 - Los Angeles, CA

  • 2/27 - Phoenix, AZ

  • 3/20 - Richmond, VA

All classes will be held within 30 miles of the City/State listed. Venue location and details will be released approximately 30 days prior to each tour stop.

ALL purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other event. Registration may be transferred to a different name for the same event on the same date and in the same location at no additional charge.