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Private Social Media Mentoring Package

Private Social Media Mentoring Package


Social Media is the answer to more of your questions than you might think. Marketing is always evolving, and your strategies should too. Social media is THE way to connect with your future clients. Creating a solid strategy for your design business is the pathway to HUGE financial rewards. If you are feeling frustrated with modern marketing, it is likely because you aren’t capitalizing on your social media potential. 

Leveraging effective social media marketing has been the key to Intrigue's rise as a leader in the wedding floral industry. Sarah Campbell continues to study the social media patterns for the floral industry specifically with a focus on weddings and events. If you have ever looked at Intrigue’s marketing and thought: “How does she do it,” or “If only she could do that for me,” you are in the right place. 

During this 30-day private mentoring program, Sarah Campbell will become your social media mentor and master of strategy. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, Sarah will get to know your brand and your goals over the course of a 30-day period. Together, you will create a solid social media marketing strategy that can be implemented and maintained easily and consistently with just 1hr per week.

Don't have photo or video content to share on your social media? Don't worry. The Intrigue Team will work with you to catpure and organize visual content that could last you up to 12 months. In just 30 days you can have everything you will need to organize your social media for the next year of your business.  Can you imagine how much of a relief this will be. 

Without the right direction, social media can be a massive waste of time. As business owners, we don’t have time to waste. At the end of your 30 days, you will emerge with is a solid social strategy that will assure you are making the right moves and maximizing your online efforts. Social media will always be hard work, but with the right direction, it can lead you to a massive influx of new business.

"It is NOT the people WHO ARE THE BEST at what they do that find success, it’s the people who have FINE -TUNED THEIR MARKETING that find success, because they know how to TALK BEST about what they do." 

This one-on-one mentorship is built for those that need personalized attention and do not thrive in a classroom setting. With Sarah as your guide and teacher, you will gain the tools needed to propel your business to the next financial level by developing a transformative social media marketing strategy in a way that speaks specifically to your unique business and the experiences you want your clients to have. 

In addition to your one-on-one 30-days of private strategy building and in order to update and improve your customized plan, you will continue to learn from Sarah Campbell as she studies and shares current trends and discovers new techniques to connect with the ever-changing audience preferences over a 12-month period.


Who is Private Social Media Mentoring for?

This Private Mentoring program is for people like me, or like the person, I was in my earlier years. When I began my journey into floristry, I knew I had the passion, the drive, and the gumption to be a wedding florist and create financial success for my family, but I didn't know how to get anyone to notice my business. I didn’t know how to find the clients that seemed to come so easy to everyone else. I didn’t know how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be: until I found social media. This program is for the motivated, the driven, and those who are excited to build a strong brand through the use of social media.

Being able to conceptualize and create amazing weddings is only a small cog in the wheel of wedding industry success. Our businesses are built on marketing! Without having the transformative techniques and most efficient strategies to power our designs, the longevity of our businesses suffer, and profits fall flat. We are in this industry because we love it, and in order to stay in business, we need to generate income that excites us! An effective social media strategy can solve more of your problems than you might think.

I have spent my career working to ensure that no one has to struggle their way to success. I want to be the teacher, guide, and mentor for you that I wished so badly to have in my own career. You will leave this course with a weight lifted from your shoulders, inspired to take your marketing strategy to the next level, and you’ll know exactly how to do it. You are not ALONE. I am here and I am ready to dive in and learn about your business so that I can build and help you implement a powerful social media strategy.



Private Social Media Mentoring includes, but is not limited to the outline below. Each private mentoring program will be customized to the specific designer. The outline is intended as an example only.

Week 1: Brand Development and Audience Research 

The first week of the mentoring program will be the most important as Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue Team work with you to understand your market,  as well as the elements that make your business shine. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for 30 minutes or 30 years, the Intrigue Team is here to help. From there, an outline of your brand vision and voice focus will be created. 

Every strong social media strategy has a defined voice, style, and aesthetic. If you already have a brand identity, we will want to know all of the details. If you do not yet have this, our team will get to work understanding your brand and creating a custom brand identity that can be used in all of your marketing (even beyond social media). 

  • Color Theory: Pairing colors with your brand to send a message to your audience without saying a word
  • Word Association: Connecting the right words to your brand
  • Sounds: Collecting sound clips that tell your story
  • Style Clarity: Identifying the style that speaks to your ideal client experience
  • Brand Organization: Creating a place where your brand identity is easily accessible.

This week will change your marketing thought process for the lifetime of your business.

Week 2: Content Organization & Creation
This week will focus on building simple personalized, strategies for creating video and photo content that won't consume your life. We are in the wedding world, which means we are too busy to be full-time content creators. This session is priceless and you will not want to be late! Sarah Campbell will coach you through each of these steps. This is more than just pointing you in the right direction. Sarah and the Intrigue Team stay with you (virtually) making sure you understand each element and how it is best used for your brand with complete clarity. 

  • Video & Photo Capture: What to capture, when to capture and why to capture, and how to capture in a way that captivates and engages your audience
  • Editing: Painless procedures for producing like a pro without spending hours learning complicated new software applications 
  • Copywriting: Easy processes for finding the right words when posting
  • Tagging: Understanding what/who/when to tag to capitalize on the potential of your posts

By the end of this week, you will have a library of content organized and ready to be implemented.

Week 3: Social Detective (Mystery Solved)

During week 3 we will work to demystify the nuances of social media platforms to assure maximum targeted exposure. We're working smarter, not harder! During your private mentoring program the Intrigue team will go beyond just explaining the basics. We will create a customized marketing plan for your business in each of these platforms. This strategy is a “done for you” strategy that can be used month after month as you continue to grow your business.

  • Instagram: Identifying each layer of this application and the audience that consumes each space
  • TikTok: Unveiling the rhythm and audience that makes this app tik(tok)
  • Pinterest: Dissecting words and building beautiful visuals for an aesthetically pleasing performance that will attract attention organically 
  • Facebook/Meta: Looking back to the social roots and understanding the origins of the social media rhythms that connect with the wedding industry
  • YouTube: Finding success in unexpected places by identifying your place within the vast collection of content

Week 4: Social Strategy

This part of the class is game-changing! I will guide you through the process of implementing your dynamic posting strategy using the work we did in the previous weeks. By this week you will have a clear plan that is customized to you and easy to maintain. 

  • Instagram: Strategy Complete
  • TikTok: Strategy Complete
  • Pinterest: Strategy Complete
  • Facebook/Meta: Strategy Complete
  • YouTube: Strategy Complete

Week 5: Safety Net

During this week you will take over the social media posting and follow the customized strategy that Intrigue has created for you. This should take no longer than 1hr per week. You will do the posting this week while the Intrigue Team watches to offer guidance and encouragement to create a pattern that is simple and organized making it easy to implement for the remainder of the year.

Mentoring Complete: Ongoing support

Once your mentoring program is complete, you will have the option to join a monthly group meeting led by the Intrigue team. This meeting will allow for continued questions and answers as well as monthly updates on social media changes that can enhance what you are already doing. This is a small group gathering that will allow for a one-on-one conversation.

If social media isn’t “your thing, exactly ” then this is what you have been waiting for. This private mentoring program will lift the looming weight of social media off of your shoulders, give you your time back,  and ensure that your business is being seen by the clients who want what you have to offer.