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Oasis Content Creation - 1 Day / 1 Products (December 20, 2022)

$4,500.00 $17,000.00


By purchasing this item Oasis is agreeing that you have reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein. By accepting payment Intrigue is agreeing that I have reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein.

This document serves as a service agreement between Intrigue Teaches and OASIS FLORAL PRODUCTS. 

Intrigue Teaches will implement a custom partner package as outlined below and as agreed upon by both parties in exchange for compensation listed below.  

Video & Photo Content created with Sarah Campbell's character. Video & photo to be delivered for use in social media, print and website use. Deliverables provided on or before January 15, 2023. License for use for through January 15, 2024. Intrigue retains ownership of all content created.

Content will be focused on NACHTMANN LUXURY GLASS in a way to have this product stand out as a timeless gift for wedding day. Inspiration will be taken from Tiffany's "Silver Frame" and produced in a way that will connect with the modern wedding consumer and social media 


1 Tutorial Video (Ranging 5-10 minutes)

This long form videos will showcase the featured product being used with step by step instruction as a DIY design easy for anyone to create while stylish enough for professional designers to be drawn to. One complete video will be created for each product. These can be used as stand alone video, social media videos and hosted on digital sites for traffic education. 

3 Quick Tip Video (Ranging 30 seconds to 3 minutes)

These short form videos are designed to educate the audience with quick bursts of entertaining education that showcases the product as a stand alone element. This draws the attention of the professional designer and the wedding enthusiests.


1 Hyper Lapse/Time Lapse (Ranging 5 seconds - 60 seconds)

This video is designed to give a quick glimpse into the behind the scenes of world of design production which draws in the attention of the professional designer. 

1 Endorsement Video (Ranging 30 seconds to 3 minutes)

This video showcases Sarah's Character appreciating and recomending the product

1 Photo Session (15-20 images per product created)

The polished images showcase the product and the finsihed designs with clear visual impact. These are best used in print, social media and stand alone marketing.

4 Cell Phone Content - 5-7 pieces of raw content per product 

Often these unpolished content pieces draw in the most attention


Instagram Posts (4) - $6,000 (ADDED VALUE/ NO CHARGE)

Showcase your product on @intrigue_designs account to reach over
190,000 targeted followers. Posts will run between December 20 and January 15, 2023

Tiktok Posts (4) - $2,000 (ADDED VALUE/ NO CHARGE)

Showcase your product on @intrigue_designs account to reach over
56,000 targeted followers. Posts will run between December 20 and January 15, 2023

$9,000 - Filming Day  (December 20, 2022)
$0,000 - (4) Instagram $6,000 Value
$0,000 - (4) Tiktok $2,000 Value
$9,000 TOTAL DUE ($17,000 Value)

(Does not include product expenses)

*Additional promotions over and above outlined deliverables are at the sole discretion of Intrigue. Oasis will be billed for any requests that are over and above the outlined deliverables. Oasis will not be billed for exposure Intrigue provides at thier own wishes.



In the event additonal Glass needs to be provided for marketing purposes it will be done at the expense of the client.


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