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Masterclass Sponsor - Fall 2020 to Winter 2021 - CURATE

$6,000.00 $12,000.00

Intrigue Teaches Partnership

By purchasing this item you agree that you have reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein. By accepting payment Intrigue is agreeing that Sarah Campbell has reviewed this document and agree to the terms therein.

This document serves as a promotional sponsorship agreement between Curate and Intrigue Teaches. Intrigue Teaches will implement a sponsorship package as outlined below and as agreed upon by both parties in exchange for compensation as listed.


 UPGRADED - To full sponsorship with approval by Sarah. Curate is only required to pay the remaining $6,000 if they are happy with the results of the exposure provided. 

SINGLE SPONORSHIP - $6,000 (CURATE ONLY - Revised 3 Payments)
Showcase your Curate on ONE Virtual Floral Installation Masterclass component. Work with the Intrigue team to create a compelling narrative and product demo for attendees. Intrigue will work with your supplier to ensure we have proper items available during filming in order to create engaging promotion. *Curate will be the exclusive Floral Software for 1 Tutorial alongside up to 4 additional sponsors


    - Listed as sponsors (under full sponsors/no clickable link).

    - Instagram - Listed and tagged as a sponsor on 10+ posts. 
  • - Instagram - 2+ dedicated posts featuring your product/service.
  • - Tiktok & Pinterest - 2+ dedicated posts featuring your product/service.
  • - Tiktok - Listed and linked as sponsor on 5+ posts.
    - Advertisement - Listed as sponsor on 1 promoted ads via Facebook & Instagram.

    - 1 email blasts showcasing your product/service as it relates to the Virtual Installation Masterclass.

    - 1 tutorial featuring your brand (up to 4 brands per tutorial may be featured. Curate will be the exclusive software for the selected tutorial).
    - Direct link to purchase your product/service on all lead magnets associated with the selected video (delivered to upwards of 4,000).
    - Direct link to purchase your product/service on all tutorial downloads associated with selected tutorial.

    -1 personal endorsements by Sarah Campbell of your product/service created and delivered to the Intrigue community.
  • - Inclusion as sponsor for Wedding MBA video
  • - Exposure to an international audience anticipated up upwards of 3 Million





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