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Sponsorship - Workshop Tour



1 Month - $1,500 (aprox $375 per tour stop)

3 Months - $3,500 (aprox $350 per tour stop)

Entire Tour - $7,000 (aprox $175 per tour stop)


Intrigue to provide the following:

  •      Sponsored Minimum of 1 Instagram  post per city/tour stop mentioning your company as a Sponsor combined with other sponsors.
  •        Sponsored Minimum of 1 Facebook  post per city/tour stop mentioning  your company as a sponsor combined with other sponsors.
  •         Logo and Link to on each tour stop (number of tour stops based on selection above)
  •          1 video clip per city/tour stop showing use of your product/Service (number of tour stops based on selection above)
  •        #sponsored will be used as Intrigue deems appropriate
  •        Promotional material included in Swag Bags (this is optional)
  •        Logo included on social  media and advertising graphics promoted at each tour stop sponsored (social media tags used when promoting


Intrigue may opt to discuss and even promote your company within the Intrigue Teaches group. However, this is not guaranteed or part of this agreement. Any promotion Sarah Campbell or the Intrigue extended staff or group members opt to do is of their own accord and not associated with this agreement.