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Warning: The information contained on this page is private and intended only for the use of the individual that the email invitation was sent. Do not share or publish the content in any public or social format.


*ONLY 10 spots available per session. These are the only testing sessions we have planned at this time.  TESTING only available for Continental United States  
Before we roll out this subscription I need to do more Beta Tests and I want you to be part of this trial. The trial is only open to those of you that are receiving this email and have signed off on the non-disclosure agreement. Please do not share these details. Beta testing is not currently available to the public. 

We have two dates and times available for this trial to make this easier for everyone to be involved. BETA TESTING  is only open to delivery in the continental United States. 


OPTION 1: 02/01/19 - RECORDED w/LIVE Q & A: Friday Feb 1st
OPTION 2: 02/02/19 - RECORDED with LIVE Q & A: Saturday Feb 2nd

We have made some changes and have opted for a completely pre-recorded tutorial video for you to follow along that will allow you the flexibility to pause, rewind and fast forward as needed. This recording is paired with a private group that will allow you to ask questions and get immediate answers from Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Design. Combining the best of both worlds.


*Flowers will arrive on Wednesday 1/30 or Thursday 1/31   Delivery will be made via FED EX and tracking is required. Tracking numbers will be supplied so that you know when to expect your deliveries. Once flowers have arrived they will need to be processed and prepared for the workshop. Please do not wait to process until the workshop begins. It is vital that these flowers are given time to hydrate before the workshop begins. 


During this testing period we will be offering 2 designs using the LUXURY flowers that are shipped to you. We will be designing a large bouquet and large centerpiece using the flowers that are selected by me and my team. For our BETA TEST we are focusing on a beginner to intermediate design skill level. If you are a master designer I would still LOVE to have you participate and hear your feedback, but, be aware that the teaching style will be below your master skill level.

BETA TESTING -  FEE - $675 (see below for details on participating for FREE "sorta")

Your involvement in this testing process is vital to the success of this program.  Given we are in testing mode I am confident there will be a few bumps along the way so I want to take the risk off the table. Once the test is complete and you have participated in the testing giving your feedback you will receive a credit for Intrigue Teaches for the full balance of your payment of $675. We want real feedback with no risk. This means weather you love the process or hate the process you will be getting a credit for what you paid either way. This credit can be used on new purchases for anything available on Intrigue Teaches with the exception of Apprentice Memberships. (Credit can not be combined with any other discount code and can not be applied to payment plans or past purchases) 

This means that once the testing is complete and your credit is applied being a BETA TESTER is essentially FREE.  
*ONLY 20 spots available per session. These are currently the only testing sessions we have planned.  TESTING only available for Continental United States