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Flower Box (Subscription) - BETA TEST ONLY

Flower Box (Subscription) - BETA TEST ONLY

$275.00 $575.00

*Please read all the way through. First, I will explain what we are doing. Then, I will explain what I need your help with!

What is BETA TESTING and how do you participate? Keep reading!



For months, we have been working on something that will revolutionize the floral workshop experience as we know it! We have developed a virtual workshop that allows the attendees to work with the same flowers and supplies as I have in my hands, even while hundreds or thousands of miles away.

My goal is to be in the studios, homes and work-spaces of florists and designers all over the globe. I want to make it easy for everyone to learn without having to travel, and with a minimal investment.

To encourage ongoing learning, we will be offering these at home workshops on a subscription basis, with a new look and style each month! This will allow you to grow your skill set at home while assuring you always have fresh flowers in your home, office or studio.



*Please note, by registering for this BETA TEST you are not purchasing a full subscription. 
This test is a one-time occurrence.
Subscriptions are not yet available.

Subscriptions will be available in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month blocks. Each month, you and I will design together via a recorded session (you can pause, rewind, and re-watch as you please). During your design session, you will also receive access an additional LIVE feed to ask questions and get feedback along the way.

This is the next best thing to being in the same room as me!

Each month we will design a different piece with different flowers, and each week we will discuss ways to photograph the piece with your smartphone, allowing you to build your skills and your portfolio!

Each month fresh flowers will arrive, after having been hand selected by myself! You will get to play with new colors and textures, creating a unique design experience each time. Opening the box is a surprise each month as you are introduced to new blooms paired with a few of the classics that I love to work with.

Prior to the arrival of the flowers, you will receive a full list of hard-goods to assure you have everything you are going to need.
We have discussed adding an additional hard-goods package that may be available as an additional purchase.

When developing this process we took inspiration from companies such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron who supply all of the food and seasonings to create a meal, and the recipient uses his/her own cooking tools such as pots, pans and cutlery.



*Please note, by registering for this BETA TEST you are not purchasing a full subscription.
Subscriptions are not yet available.

The following is a PREVIEW of what to expect when this project goes LIVE!...

The best part of this subscription program is that it allows me to keep costs low and flowers abundant, The more boxes you select the lower the cost will be. Delivery to your door.

*These are the prices we will be offering to the public and DO NOT apply to you as a BETA TESTER.

1   Month - $575

3   Month - $875 (savings of $850)

6   Month - $1675 (savings of $1775)

12 Month - $2975 (savings of $3925)

*This cost includes all flowers, greenery and fresh product delivered to your door.
*Delivery Fee $10 (signature is required), FED EX is our preferred provider.



We are about to begin our FINAL BETA TEST before we open our subscription boxes to the public. This test is a one-time occurrence.

For this beta test, you will get a glimpse at the full box experience, from beginning to end.

You will:

  • Receive an official list of hard-goods
  • Be sent your very own box of flowers
  • Take part in one recorded hands-on centerpiece design session (online)
  • Have access to our private LIVE forum to ask questions and receive feedback from me and your fellow designers
*For our FINAL BETA TEST we are focusing on a beginner to intermediate design skill level. Master designers are more than welcome to participate, but the teaching style will be below a master skill level.



(See details below on how to receive a FULL CREDIT for your testing.)

Once your test is complete and you have given feedback, you will receive a FULL CREDIT for the full balance of your payment ($275) for use on the Intrigue Teaches website.

We want real feedback with no risk! This means whether you love the process or hate the process, you will be given a FULL CREDIT for what you paid ($275).

*This credit can be used on new purchases for anything available on the Intrigue Teaches website with the exception of Apprentice Memberships. Credit cannot be combined with any other discount code and cannot be applied to payment plans or past purchases.

Your involvement in this testing process is vital to the success of this program! I appreciate your patience and your willingness to help. Given we are in testing mode, I am confident there will be a few bumps along the way, so I want to take the risk off the table.

*Please note, by registering for this BETA TEST you are not purchasing a full subscription.
This test is a one-time occurrence.
Subscriptions are not yet available.



Friday January 25th
(RECORDED SESSION w/ LIVE Q&A between 1pm - 3pm EST)
Saturday January 26th
(RECORDED SESSION w/ LIVE Q&A between 1pm - 3pm EST)

*Flowers will arrive on Wednesday, 1/23 or Thursday, 1/24.
Delivery will be made via FED EX and tracking is required.
Tracking numbers will be supplied so that you know when to expect your deliveries.
Once flowers have arrived, they will need to be processed and prepared for the workshop.
Please do not wait to process until the workshop begins! It is vital that these flowers are given time to hydrate before we start designing.