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Mentoring (Virtual)

Mentoring (Virtual)


Virtual Mentoring is offered via a series of Phone and/or video meetings. Mentoring sessions are booked in blocks as just one session will not get you where you need to be.  Our sessions begin with an in depth discussion of you and your business. In order for me to help you grow I need to first understand who you are and how your business came to be.  Once you have selected your block we will schedule your first session which will be all about getting to know you and understanding your goals. Each session will run approximately 1 hour.  A variety of time slots are available for virtual sessions including a few nights and weekends for those of you that are still working a full time job and need the flexibility.  After each session you will be given action items and goals to reach prior to the next session. This format is designed to keep you moving towards your goal with laser focus and accountability. You may discuss any business topics you wish during these sessions.  Sarah will make suggestions and provide direction during the first session to help maximize your time and investment in your business.

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Suggested Business Focuses (These are mearly suggestions.  Any topic you choose including ones not on the list may be discussed during your sessions)

Website review & feedback


Social Media: Instagram Strategy 

Social Media: Facebook Advertising & Strategy

Defining your ideal client

Selling to your Ideal Client

Wholesale Flower Ordering

Flower Counts for Wedding & Event Work

Proposal Writing

Design Presentation

Pricing Strategy

Portfolio Review & Advice

Booking TV Segments

Getting Published (blogs & publications)

Becoming a Leader in your Market

Teaching & Public Speaking 


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