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It is time to level up your floral design business with LARGE-SCALE INSTALLATIONS!

These stunning, over-the-top floral designs are more than attention-grabbing, they're your ticket to attracting DREAM CLIENTS who envision nothing less than extraordinary.

During this immersive hands-on design workshop, you'll learn to create larger-than-life luxury floral designs and receive stunning professional images of you and your work that will take your marketing efforts to the next level.

At each workshop, we will build TWO of the wedding industry’s most sought-after installations and ONE jaw-dropping, over-the-top tablescape, allowing you to unleash your creativity with THOUSANDS OF BLOOMS on a journey of learning, growth, confidence, collaboration, and inspiration.

Creating these large-scale floral installations is only one piece of the strategy needed to book luxury events. That's why I am thrilled to announce an EXTENDED WORKSHOP OPTION, offering you two additional power-packed sessions and a whole extra day of learning!

This year, we’re introducing the BIG MISTAKES workshop, where I’ll share my biggest business mistakes and, most importantly, the solutions so you don’t have to make the same errors that I did. In the first session, I'll walk you through these crucial lessons and the strategies I implemented to overcome them.

The second session will focus on SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LUXURY FLORISTS, where I'll teach you how to leverage social media to attract high-end clients and showcase your luxury floral designs effectively. This workshop is designed to save you time, money, and stress, providing you with the insights and tools to elevate your luxury floral business to new heights.


  • Feb 17 & 18 - Florida
  • Feb 24 & 25 - Louisiana
  • March 3 & 4 - Georgia
  • March 10 & 11 - North Carolina
  • March 17 & 18 - California
  • March 24 & 25 - Texas
  • March 31 & April 1 - New York
  • April 7 & 8 - Colorado
  • *subject to change - final locations TBA

Join me for an immersive full-day experience where we delve deep into the art of crafting breathtaking floral installations. From flower choices to intricate mechanics, wedding day strategies to pricing, this workshop is your gateway to becoming a master of large-scale floral installations. You’ll leave this workshop with the skills and confidence to bring your dream couples' blooming floral installations to life!!

VENUES: All venues are within 60 miles of the featured city listed for each tour stop.


DAY 1: Big Mistakes & Social Media for Luxury Florists - $697 Early Access Price (Regular Price $997)

DAY 2: Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass - $1,997 Early Access Price (Regular Price: $2,997)

BUNDLE: Day 1 & Day 2 - $2,697 Early Access Price (Regular Price: $3,697)

*Early Access Price expires Sunday, June 30, 2024 1pm EST*




Morning Session - 10am to 12pm

Big Mistakes: Building a 6-figure business doesn’t happen overnight. Discover the biggest business mistakes I've made along the way and the solutions that lead to Intrigue’s blossoming success. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls and implement strategies that will drive your floral business to success.

Lunch: 1pm - 1:30pm Provided by Intrigue

Afternoon Session: 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Social Media for Luxury Florists: Master the art of leveraging social media to attract high-end clients and showcase your luxury floral designs and level. Gain actionable insights and tips to enhance your online presence and grow your business.


Morning Session - 9am to 12pm

Mechanics: Luxury designs require more than just beautiful blooms. During this part of the workshop, you will learn about the elements that go into creating a polished, over-the-top wedding look with simplified techniques that are easy to follow.

Travel, Packing and Prep: Each installation requires a unique handling to assure prompt installation and to assure the design is completed on time and with minimal disruption to the venue. This might be the most important piece of the installation puzzle!

Design 1: Our first design will allow students to work independently on an installation that requires extended life with a focus on traditional hydration methods.

Design 2: Our second design of the day will focus on alternative hydration methods (for example: foam free).

Lunch - 12:30pm to 1:00pm Provided by Intrigue

Afternoon Session -12:30pm to 3:00pm

Design 3: Our final design is a budget-friendly installation that can be seamlessly incorporated into any wedding budget.

Staffing: During this session, we will break down the most effective strategies for hiring, managing, and maintaining a team of support staff.

Pricing & Organization: The most difficult part of these large-scale designs is understanding ordering, organizing and pricing. Guessing on any of these topics could lead to some very expensive mistakes! You work too hard to not make a great profit, and that is precisely what we will be focusing on.

Everything you need for this class will be included, from the abundance of blooms to tools and supplies! All you need to bring is your passion for weddings and an eagerness to learn.

  • Please note, workshop times and exact itinerary are subject to change.
  • ALL payments are non-refundable. However, they are transferable to another attendee for the same event. Travel/hotel not included.


"I was overjoyed to participate in the Miami Intrigue Across America Floral Installation Workshop earlier this year. I've never done anything like that before and the best part was learning the mechanics, materials and how to bring such an amazing vision to life. I have some beautiful photos that I include in wedding consults. This was my second Intrigue Across America Workshop and I appreciate that Sarah ensures that we participate in every design element. I love that when I use photos from these events for marketing, I am proud that I did have a hand in each design. Another bonus is meeting other florists from across the U.S. to learn from and support. Sarah and her amazing team are incredibly detail oriented, accommodating and great at what they do. Participants range from beginner to advanced and somehow it all works perfectly."

-Jeannina Adams, NinaBella Flowers & Inspiration

"Although I have been in this industry for over 10 years, I needed an extra push of skill and confidence to attract that higher-end clientele. Taking this class gave me just that. I arrived with an open mind to learn a new style or technique and get inspired by other professionals in our industry, this class did not disappoint. I left with new floral knowledge and friends. I recommend this class if no matter your experience, there is always room for growth and here you will find it!"

- Chita Avalos, Chita's Floral Designs


"I live in a small rural community of 9,000 in NW Minnesota, the nearest Target is an hour away. Before attending Sarah’s workshop, I would have never thought it possible for me to find someone in my area to do a wedding of luxury magnitude. After Sarah’s class, I booked my largest wedding. A total of 5 double-sided arches at 12x20 feet, 57 table pieces, wedding party, outside planters, and more. After everything was booked this week, I started crying and called my husband, called my mom, and I wanted to call Sarah to thank her!Folks…I realize that it is a financial investment to attend one of Intrigue’s workshops. Just don’t let the excuse that “no one would ever book something like this in my area” stop you. I am proof that isn’t the case."

- Allie Enge, The Shed


CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments (full, partial & monthly plans) are non-refundable. Payments are transferable only when transferring ticket name for the same event on the same date/time to another attendee. Once a payment plan has been activated, you are committing to complete all monthly payments without disruption, regardless of attendance.

VENUES: All venues are within 60 miles of the featured city listed for each tour stop.

Pair it with the Big Mistakes & Social Media Workshops


"I will share my biggest business mistakes and the proven solutions that have helped me overcome them, ensuring you don't make the same errors. Plus, you'll learn powerful social media strategies tailored for luxury florists, enabling you to attract high-end clients and elevate your floral business."


(The Big Mistakes & Social Media Strategy Workshop can be purchased separately or as a two-day combo product.

Just click on the drop down box after you choose your city location to make the purchase.)

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