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In 2023, the Intrigue Team is going on tour from coast to coast and bringing all of our social media and marketing strategies with us! Social media marketing has been the key to Intrigue's rise as a leader in the wedding floral industry, and we are NOT keeping our strategies secret.

"It is NOT the people WHO ARE THE BEST at what they do that find success, it’s the people who have FINE -TUNED THEIR MARKETING that find success, because they know how to TALK BEST about what they do."

This course is built to propel your business to the next financial level by delivering transformative marketing education that focuses on social media in a way that speaks specifically to unique wedding industry experiences. We are creatives; however, what we experience in the course of running our businesses is much different than the average creative. We work with a perishable product, in a fast-paced environment, that requires organization, patience, procuring clients, and a lot more than just a bit of good luck! We need to approach our marketing with intent and strategy in order to continue to grow. The marketing world is changing faster than ever before, and staying current is vital to business security.