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Want to Learn How to DOUBLE or TRIPLE* Your Revenue and Build a 6-Figure Floral Business?

*We’ve helped florists triple their wedding budget & pay for this course in their VERY NEXT event.

For the LAST DECADE, I have been TEACHING:


How to create the floral installations and recipes that have inspired the biggest WOW! moments for couples and their wedding guests over the years.

The designs that have built the portfolio, reputation, and client list that have skyrocketed my students’ floral businesses.

 The best business, sales, and marketing techniques that have drastically impacted the success of florists’ small businesses, helping designers achieve the 6-figure incomes they didn’t think were possible.

...all through doing what you love: creating BIG, beautiful, blossoming floral installations!


The Big Dreams: Virtual Installation Masterclass is a proven online floral business accelerator designed to help florists who want to grow their revenue and business by teaching them how to build and market large-scale installations that attract big budget clients.

>>> Step by Step Lessons, Recipes, Count Sheets, and Sales Strategies <<<