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Welcome to BIG DREAMS: Live!

This installation workshop series is a hands-on, in-person floral design course exclusively available to students enrolled in the 10 week BIG DREAMS: Virtual Installation Masterclass.

These wedding-focused workshops will be a one day event inspired by the online course. Each event will be hosted in a small group (under 20 students) and will center on the creation of 1 to 2 installations, designed at a manageable, detail-intensive pace, giving everyone a chance to participate, absorb the inspiration in real time, and solidify all of the incredible online learning!

These workshops will help to sharpen your skills, expand your hands-on experience and allow the opportunity to connect with one another “IRL.”

Workshop registration for Big Dreams: Live will be available as an upgrade to Big Dreams: Virtual Floral Installation Masterclass. This add-on workshop option is intended to enhance the skills learned in the intensive 10-week online course. If you have not already registered for Big Dreams: Virtual Installation Masterclass, let us know when completing the form and registration details will be sent.