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Alaska Beauty Peony Boxes

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Have you been eager for a design workshop? Have you been longing to get your hands-on flowers and learn from inspiring floral industry designers? Are travel restrictions throwing a wrench in your flower fantasies? Well, I have a treat for you…

Alaska is renowned for having the most incredible Peonies! Each year, designers & flower enthusiasts travel thousands of miles to experience these blooms in-person. It might not be possible for you to get to Alaska this year, but that does not mean you need to be without BIG, BEAUTIFUL Peony Blooms! Myself and a few of my inspiring flower friends have come together to bring these incredible Alaskan Peonies right to your door for a WORKSHOP AT HOME.

Alaska Beauty Peony is harvesting blooms and boxing them for you! Each Peony Surprise Workshop Box includes a beautifully curated mix of 50 Peony, from giant blooms to petite buds, in a gorgeous array of colors and textures. The best surprise is seeing the colors and varieties the farm chooses! Your Surprise Peony Workshop Box will be shipped on the date of your choosing and delivered farm-direct, right to your door, for maximum freshness.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also receive access to design tutorials from myself AND 10+ educators from the Intrigue Floral Community. This is a virtual (yet hands-on) dream-come-true for designers of all experience levels, from beginners to design masters!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order your Alaska Peony box for just $197!
  2. Choose your own shipping date.
  3. Receive your box of 50 PEONY STEMS, and get ready to learn from the comfort of your home!
  4. Watch, learn and enjoy 10+ DESIGN TUTORIALS from educators in the wedding and events industry using Peonies shipped from the very same farm as your blooms.

All profits from these boxes are going directly to small flower farms in Homer, Alaska. All of the tutorials for this program were created by designers who volunteered their time and efforts to help support Peony farms. Help us help the farms! Purchase your Peony Workshop Box, receive 10+ tutorials for free, and make a Peony farmer smile.

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Bron Hansboro - @theflowerguybron

Sue Davis - @freshdesignsflorist

Ana & Anais - @aniskacreations

Cristina Barragan - @poshpeony

Jewel Georgieff - @jewelgeorgieffweddings

Sarah Campbell - @intrigue_designs

Michelle Williams - @your_signature_designs

Jenny Thomasson - @jennyt.floristry

Leah T. Williams - @leahtwilliamsevents

Lance Haith - @designsbydevereux

Jennifer Reed - @jenniferdesignsevents

Raquel Harris - @rlovefloral

Halima Sanni - @thefloralguru

Lorna Parker - @ldparkereventdesigns

Mandy Majerik - @hothousedesignstudio

Stacey Ball - @thefloraculturist

Peonies from Alaska Beauty Peony Co-op - @alaskabeautypeony

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