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Mentoring (In Person)

Mentoring (In Person)


Mentoring in person is set up different than our virtual sessions as I have found that connecting in person creates a different dynamic. If you have benefited from the virtual sessions you will absolutely love the experience of being with me in person and connecting on a personal level. All in-person mentoring sessions take place in our Annapolis, Maryland design studio. Sessions are booked in full day blocks and only 1 session per month is currently available. If you have already participated in a virtual session we will pick up where we left off. If you have not you will receive an e-mail to schedule an in depth pre-meeting call with myself or my team so that I have a firm grasp on your goals and your ambition for your business. 

The day will start at 9:00am with a cup of Jasmine Green Tea with honey and lemon (my personal favorite) or a cup of coffee if you prefer. Over our steaming hot beverages we will dig deep into your goals, business structure, practices and the dreams you have for your floral business.  At lunch time we will buzz over to one of my favorite restaurants where I will treat you to a delightful lunch and give our minds a bit of a rest as we talk about life, family balance and absolutely anything that comes to mind. We take a short break after lunch before returning to the studio to work out a detailed action plan for you to bring back to your business with actions to implement, risks to take and ideas to mull over. There are no flowers to design or buckets to scrub. Mentoring sessions are all about business. You will leave this session at 4:00pm with newfound excitement for your business, a sense of direction and energy that will propel you.

Prior to purchasing your session please be sure to check your schedule and make note of your selected appointment times.

Florist Mentoring Flower Classes Master Designer Sarah Campbell Annapolis Maryland

Hours: 9am – 4:00pm


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 *Prior to booking please confirm with the Intrigue Team for available dates


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