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Tuly Michailides

I’m Tuly Michailides or as some know me by Theodora April Love Michailides. Now does “Tuly” make sense? I’m the president, creative director and lead event planner for Extraordinary Life Events LLC. I was born and raised in California and am proud to be a product of the Bay Area’s melting pot of diversity.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and artists I have always loved the creative process and helping other’s visions come to fruition. I launched Extraordinary Life Events in August of 2015 after working twenty plus years with private and corporate clients as the principal designer and project manager of Living Art Landscape Designs.

I am honored to have an opportunity to share my expertise in the wedding and floral industry with you. My favorite event and floral designs are those that delight and surprise guests with carefully curated details, revealing snippets of our couple’s love story, little insights into their characters and cultural traditions.