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Sponsor & Marketing Posts


It is no secret that Social Media Influencers have taken over the marketing world. With publications like FORBES, CNN, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal reporting on the success of Influencer Marketing, there has been a dramatic increase of businesses (ranging from Fortune 500's to Sole Proprietors) using this strategy to bring awareness to their brands.


My passion burns for flowers, and for the financial success of the wedding floral industry. I harbor a unique connection with my growing audience of over 100k, which I foster daily through Instagram, Facebook and email. My voice has become a beacon in the floral industry where I share my techniques and strategies with a confidence that guides wedding florists & designers to grow strong, sustainable, flower-focused businesses.


The relationships I have nurtured with my devoted audience has made me one of the most sought after Influencers in the Floral Industry. I have a mind for marketing in an authentic way that creates a contagious wave of interest in the products and services I promote.


In order to connect your event to my audience all marketing and promotional efforts are done in my "imperfect" voice. These imperfections are part of who I am and part of what connects me to my equally imperfect audience.


I will share my experience at your event with enthusiasm and excitement, resulting in your name being shared among the thousands of individuals who are watching. Your event's exposure to my social networks is where the "magic happens," and your brand awareness is amplified through a series of videos, photos and social media chatter!





Set of 2 posts in the closed Intrigue Teaches Wedding Community promoting your product or service to over 6,000 Florists, Designers and Decorators. Posts are spaced 3-10 days apart



Up to 20 Minutes - Interview or Presentation Style


CUSTOM VIDEO - $1500 to $6000

Professional video created with Sarah Campbell's character to showcase your product or service. Video to be delivered for your use in 2 sizes designed for social media and website use. 

1 Tutorial Video (up to 30 minutes):  $1500

1 Quick Tip Video: $800

1 Hyper Lapse or Time Lapse: $800

1 Endorsement Video: $5,000

1 Full Day Filming (6-8 videos created): $6,000 



Series of 3 posts created by Intrigue to showcase your product or service. Posted on the @intrigue_designs account in the voice of Sarah Campbell, broadcast to 100,000+ over the course of a 3-10 day period.



Series of 8-12 posts in the @intrigue_designs "stories" sharing your product/service. All posts are made in the same day to maximize exposure.



Set of two email blast promoting your product or service to our curated group of over 10,000 Florists, Designers and Decorators.  Emails are spaced 3-10 days apart.



Having Intrigue attend your event and promote the experience can be the best marketing of all. Sarah and the Intrigue PR team will visit your event and share 8-10 posts per day on Facebook, Instagram and/or email blast.  *Travel and Accommodations will be additional



All marketing and sponsorships will require your products and/or services at your expense. Address for shipment will be sent after purchase is complete.