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New Orleans - Luxury Design Workshop


Be inspired, learn new techniques and immerse yourself in floral styling for two inspiring days (plus a couple bonus days just for fun). I have found that I learn best when I am in an environment that provokes creative energy in new environments, so, the Intrigue team designed this workshop to do just that. Each day is carefully cultivated to provide you with everything you will need to  fully open your mind and absorb the inspiration and excitement that I design with every day. I will share recipes and mechanics as well as discuss topics such as pricing and marketing to the wedding market. The workshop will include a full scale styled shoot and Gala style dinner in which you will be a guest at the incredible event you have styled and designed with your new flower friends. This will all be captured by a renowned International photographer. (The styled shoot is my favorite part of the workshop and you will be given access to the images for your portfolio.)   



This event SOLD OUT within hours of being announced back in August. The excitement for this workshop has been incredible. If you try to register today and the transaction is not accepted that is due to the fact that new seats added have been taken. We do not expect these to last very long. If you are not able to secure a seat you may join the waiting list and you will be notified in the event a space opens up. A second Luxury New Orleans Workshop is being organized and those of you on the waiting list will have advanced access to ticket sales.



2 Hands on Design Days - 2 Days just to play - Countless Experiences

Day 1 (Welcome) January 14, 2018

The Arrival Experience (plan to arrive to New Orleans by 4:00pm)

As you arrive to the majestic Melrose Mansion located in the heart of New Orleans you will be greeted in true southern style with a few "must have" treats to make your time with us even more special. From the moment you step foot in this spectacular destination loaded with historic charm your creative heart will be soaring with excitement in anticipation of what's to come...




The Stay

The best way to truly experience this event is to stay here at the Melrose Mansion. The luxurious accommodations each with a unique charm merging modern with the romantic style of classic New Orleans architecture. Staying on property here at the Melrose will be the best option for your overall experience and to make it even easier we have arranged special room rates that are available to our attendees.

The "All Inclusive" Environment

With the exception of your hotel accommodations this workshop includes everything you will need and want. From the moment you are greeted by our team until the moment we close out the event with a grande "goodbye" you will not have to think about a thing. Everything from flowers and tools to fine food and drink are part of this incredible wedding design experience. There is no need to pick and choose what you will want to learn or what you will want to experience. Each attendee will have the opportunity to experience everything and learn from all of the incredible educators.

The Opening Reception

Enjoy an evening of food and drink as we gather at the picturesque Melrose Mansion getting to know each other and taking in the creative environment as we prepare for 2 AMAZING days of flowers, design and fun! While soaking in all the excitement you will learn about the process of preparing flowers for this unique destination event. You will have the unique ability to spend some great time connecting with both your fellow attendees and the incredible leaders of this luxury floral event. These leaders are experienced working with lavish weddings and catering to the luxury clientele on a regular basis. 

 Day 2 (Design Day) January 15, 2018

The Morning Spread

We will gather for breakfast and coffee to start the day enjoying a taste of New Orleans including freshly brewed Chicory and Crescents along with a variety of delicious breakfast delights. A great breakfast will be vital to our day as we learn, create and inspire together.  

The Blooming Begins

This part is my favorite! We begin by creating lavish centerpieces that will dazzle our evening Gala. Composed of hundreds of blooms for dramatic affect these designs will captivate and astound you. With a design inspired by the local environment you can expect French infusion and layers of luxury. If you heart is pattering just reading these words imagine the feeling of being with us experiencing this for yourself. 

Our morning will start as you step into an enchanting private space with french inspired style . As if the space was not beautiful on its own you will be swept away with the abundance of blooms flooding the room offering the sweet scent of fresh cut blossoms. Working in this environment is intoxicating and glorious making the design time even more magical.

During a series of rotations you will have the opportunity to work closely with our leaders learning and creating in small groups to maximize the experience.

- Hands on: Decadent wearable floral (we will be wearing these at our Gala)

- Hands on: Dramatic Details (designing the layers below the grand centerpieces)

- Hands on: Mechanics & Construction of Luxurious Grand Centerpieces 

The Traditional New Orleans Lunch

After an incredible morning of inspiring hands on floral education a traditional New Orleans lunch is just what is needed to relax enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. The casual menu calls upon the local spices for a bit of excitement. 


The Perfectly Plated Tablescape

After lunch join the Intrigue Team in creating an environment that brings out the best of our morning designs. Luxurious centerpieces are only part of the equation that creates a luxurious wedding. The tablescape plays a big part in the atmosphere. You will learn from a master wedding planner the details that go into selecting and staging a formal table complete with china, glassware, linens and paper design. Mastering these design techniques will help to elevate your designs and connect with the high end client. Learning these techniques will be what sets you apart not only as a florist, but, as an event designer.

The Gala 

After all that hard work it is time to enjoy the event you have created. With all of the attendees gathering in formal attire we will sit and dine as a guest enjoying the decadent decor and lavish settings. You will experience the result of months of planning and days of preparations just as a guest would do. You will experience the flowers and the decor from a whole new perspective allowing you to truly understand the power of your work.  Experiences like this have helped shape my design style and I have always found it is easier to sell luxury designs once I have been part of a luxury experience.  (Ballgowns and Black Tie are encouraged, but, cocktail attire is also acceptable) 

The Surprises

Well now... They wouldn't be much of a surprise if I spelled it out in detail. You can expect to be pampered, you can expect to be entertained and you can expect the "unexpected". You will have to be in attendance to experience these creative surprises.




Day 3 (Design Day) January 16, 2018


The "late" Morning Spread

We will be gathering a bit later for breakfast on day three as we know everyone will need a couple extra hours of sleep after the epic design day and decadent Gala experience. This morning will be a bit more relaxed and equally as delicious. 


The Blooming Continues

This day brings a spectacle of flowers as we bring lavish floral installations to life. These are the installations that set luxury events apart. Flowers will appear in the most unexpected of places designed to wow guests and inspire conversation. Flowers will be suspended, flowers will be elevated and flowers will be installed. You will learn everything from counts and mechanics to installation and creative hydration to keep the blooms fresh.

During a series of rotations you will have the opportunity to work closely with our leaders learning and creating in small groups to maximize the experience.

- Hands on: Suspended Chandelier Design

- Hands on: Grand Installation (If you love a floral wall this will steal your heart.)

- Hands on: Floating Flowers (That is right you will be learning to design for the pool)


The "Quickie" Luncheon

With lots of design time built into our day lunch will be quick and casual true to the experience of creating a destination event here at this historic New Orleans destination. 

The Afternoon

Rotations continue as the Installations are completed. Between design time you will have the opportunity to learn from leaders focusing on vital aspects of running a high end design studio including sales, marketing and styled shoots.  

- Classroom: Increasing wedding sales through the art of the Presentation

- Classroom: Styled Shoots - Maximizing the marketing potential

- Hands on: Installation continues (This grand design takes many hours and many hands)

After another day packed full of design you will need a proper rest before heading out for a night "on the town". Dress in your favorite "going out attire". 

The NOLA Adventure 

What better way to experience New Orleans than with friends! So, we are taking you all out for a "Night on The Town". We will gather in the lobby and travel to the magnificent Jackson Square by way of a traditional New Orleans Carriage. As the night sky darkens and the streets of the French Quarter come to life with live music, performers and an array of shops ranging from the classic to the comedic we will take our seats for dinner. Dinner will be delicious and inspiring as you are joined by our leaders for an evening of dining and discussion. These inspiring leaders will share stories, expertise and  experiences that have helped to shape their careers in the wedding industry. This time with our leaders is priceless and just may be the highlight of the experience.

The adventure continues as we gather as a group once more for dessert and a surprise that is true to the New Orleans culture with a flowery addition added by the Intrigue Team. With this final surprise our evening comes to a close and we make our way back to the beautiful Melrose Mansion. (For those of you not ready for the evening to end may opt to explore on your own or with your new flower friends as New Orleans offers a "night life" that is truly unique.) 


Day 4 (Farewell) January 17, 2018

The Farewell Breakfast

We will gather one last time to enjoy the last tastes of New Orleans and discuss our experiences over the last 3 days. There is no agenda to this morning. Simply a time together to be friends and enjoy one another's company. There is a bonding that happens between attendees during these events that is unlike anything else. You will leave with new knowledge, new inspiration and new friendships that will last a lifetime. Friendships like this our so good for our success as they keep us focused and keep us excited about this creative and often taxing career we have chosen to embrace.

Check-out is at 11am and after we say goodbye you may choose to head home or extend your trip to enjoy more of the New Orleans experience. With so many options and tours galore this is a destination that is worth spending a few extra days.

The Leaders

When selecting the leaders for this hands on floral workshop I called upon wedding planners and designers that had made an impact on the luxury wedding market and/or that have made an impact on me. I am bringing you designers that are passionate about floral and wedding design. Designers that are known for luxury and designers that have learned how to sell to the luxury market. These individuals are special to me and to our industry.

 wedding planner class event design workshop floral designer florist classes maryland new orleans


We are beyond excited to be welcoming an all star team of floral designers a nd wedding planners to this EPIC event. I am honored to call each of these designers friends, colleges and leaders. They bring excitement for our industry, unparalleled talent and an eagerness to share their knowledge. (Scroll down to learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs)



LOCATION: New Orleans, LA

DATES: January 14, 15, 16 & 17 
COST: $3290pp 

(Flexible Payment Plans available using PARTIAL.LY at checkout) 

*Tickets are non‐refundable & non-transferable 

*Travel & Accommodations are not include

Investment includes everything expect Hotel Accommodations and Travel to and from the venue. All meals, flowers and surprises are included.



wedding planning classes


Group sizes are kept to a minimum to keep the event intimate and maximize the one-on-one time you receive working directly with Sarah Campbell and the leaders.




SPONSORS: To apply to be a sponsor please complete this  form 

*Tickets are non‐refundable & non-transferable 

*Travel & Accommodations are not include

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