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Luxury Floral Design Installation Workshop - 2024 Tour - AUSTIN


Only 2 FLORAL SEATS left!  


Experience three transformative workshops in one beautiful tour stop. You can opt for a single-day class or maximize your investment by joining us for both days.

DAY 1: Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design - $997 
DAY 2: Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass - $2,997 
BUNDLE:  Day 1 & Day 2 -  $3,697

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  • Wedding Sales Strategy & Event Design - March 4, 2024 (10am - 3pm)
  • Luxury Floral Installation Masterclass - March 5, 2024 (9am -3pm)
  • Bundle (Both Classes):  March 4th & 5th, 2024 


HighPointe Estate, 5555 County Road 258 | Liberty Hill, Texas 78642

*All venues will be within 60 driving miles of the major metropolitan city listed.




It is time to level up your floral design business with large-scale installations! These stunning, over-the-top floral designs are more than attention-grabbing, they're your ticket to attracting dream clients who envision nothing less than extraordinary. During this immersive hands-on design workshop, you'll learn to create larger-than-life installations and receive stunning professional images of you and your work that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. At each workshop, we will build 2-3 of the wedding industry’s most sought-after installations, allowing you to unleash your creativity with thousands of blooms on a journey of learning, growth, confidence, collaboration, and inspiration. Designs may include but are not limited to: staircases, chuppahs/mandaps, backdrops, arches, chandeliers, ceilings, walls, aisles, and floating/suspended designs.


In the world of high-end weddings, every event has a statement piece, a showstopper that grabs everyone's attention and becomes the talk of the town! In this workshop, you will learn to design these eye-catching creations that ignite word-of-mouth advertising within the luxury wedding community.

Each workshop will showcase different installations, with each location providing opportunities to delve into a variety of unique designs and techniques. Everything you need for this class will be included, from the abundance of blooms to tools and supplies! All you need to bring is your passion for weddings and an eagerness to learn.

Who is this class for?

This workshop is tailor-made for designers that are eager to grow and add high-end, large-scale design to their offerings. It is for florists, wedding planners, event designers, and creative souls who are ready to elevate their floral game! While a basic understanding of flower processing and terminology are an asset, we're here to guide you every step of the way. If you're unsure whether your skill level matches this class, let's chat! Schedule a call with an Intrigue team member to discuss your floral background and determine if this transformative workshop is the perfect fit for you. Your journey to mastering the art of large-scale floral installations begins here. Let's create the installations of your dreams and leave a lasting mark on your business.

*Times subject to change

Morning Session - 9am to 12pm

Mechanics: Luxury designs require more than just beautiful blooms. During this part of the workshop, you will learn about the elements that go into creating polished, over-the-top wedding looks that high-end guests will love.

We'll start off with a detailed outline of the designs being created, an understanding of the attachment points and restrictions, the tools needed to complete the installation, and a clear understanding of the structural requirements for each design. We'll walk through the recipe-building process, from textures and color balance to flower choices. We will focus on techniques that are easy to follow and simple to teach your growing design teams when you return to your studio. Large-scale design doesn't need to be complicated and we will use this session to simplify the process!

Travel, Packing, and Prep: Each installation is different and needs special care to ensure it is assembled quickly, completed on time, and without causing disruptions to the venue.

Each installation requires a unique handling to ensure prompt installation and to assure the design is completed on time and with minimal disruption to the venue. This might be the most important piece of the installation puzzle!

Design 1: Our first design will allow students to work independently on an installation that is required to last for 24-48hrs. This design will have a focus on traditional hydration methods for extended life. Each designer will blend individual creativity with collaborative teamwork to craft a trend-setting, large-scale installation, all while honing essential team management skills.

Design 2: Our second design of the day will focus on alternative hydration methods. You will use the teamwork skills you just learned to create a classic installation design on a large scale. You can expect to be climbing ladders, riding lifts, and being inspired by the masses of blooms used to produce this incredible work of floral art!

Lunch - 12:30pm to 1:00pm

Now's the perfect opportunity to bond with your fellow designers! Forge connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for flowers!

Afternoon Session -12:30pm to 3:00pm

Design 3: High-end installations are fantastic for generating income and creating buzz, but there is always a place for simplified installations. In this segment of the class, you'll learn some of my favorite techniques for crafting simple, budget-friendly installations that can be seamlessly incorporated into any wedding.

Staffing: Building these over-the-top floral installations requires an excellent, efficient team. During this session, we will break down the most effective strategies for hiring, managing, and teaching your team and, most importantly, establishing a robust floral design support network.

Pricing & Organization: The most difficult part of these large-scale designs is understanding ordering, organizing, and pricing. Guessing on any of these topics could lead to some very expensive mistakes! You work too hard to not make a great profit, and that is precisely what we will be focusing on.. 

You will leave this class with the skills to design large-scale installations, the confidence to sell them, and the knowledge to price them effectively for maximum profit.

**CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments (full, partial & monthly plans) are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other date or event. Payments are transferable only when transferring the ticket name for the same event on the same date/time to another attendee. Once a payment plan has been activated, you are committing to complete all monthly payments without disruption regardless of event attendance. NO REFUNDS. Travel/hotel not included.**



"Before you can DESIGN big beautiful floral installations, you have to SELL big beautiful floral installations." 

If you've ever wanted a front-row seat to witness Sarah Campbell in action during a formal wedding presentation, from the client's arrival to the final check in hand, this is your chance! In this exclusive add-on workshop opportunity, Sarah Campbell will be sharing coveted sales strategy and event design skills. The knowledge you gain in this class will stay with you throughout your entire career, providing you with invaluable insights to refine and elevate your personal sales strategy. This day will be an absolute game-changer for your business! The knowledge you’ll gain is PRICELESS. This power-packed full-day course will cover sales, marketing, and event design. Keep reading to discover exactly what you’ll learn! 


If you are seeking to break free from the confines of ordinary weddings and step into the realm of luxury events or if you're tired of the same old budget-conscious clients and are ready to make a name for yourself in the world of high-end weddings, this course is your golden ticket!

This class is floral-focused, but we won't be playing with flowers; instead, we'll be diving deep into the business side of luxury weddings. If you've ever wished for tried-and-true guidance on selling big, beautiful floral installations, marketing your services effectively, and seamlessly managing event production, you're in the right place!

Don't let your business dreams be confined by your current challenges. It's time to redefine your floral journey, break free from the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary. Join us for this transformative course where you'll learn to elevate your floral business to luxury wedding heights.

Being able to conceptualize and design amazing weddings is only a small cog in the wheel of wedding industry success. Our businesses are built on sales! Without efficient strategies to power our designs, the longevity of our businesses will suffer and profits fall flat. We are in this industry because we love it, and in order to stay in business, we need to generate income that excites us! This class will transform your client's meetings by providing you with a strategy that will shield you from price-shopping and position you as a leader in your market.

This in-person class is a power-packed session full of the strategies pulled directly from Intrigue’s best Sales course Intrigue Method: Finding & Selling Luxury Weddings. During the group class, you will have the luxury of having Sarah step through the strategies for you, and you will get all of the proven strategies, experience, and insight all compressed into one intensive class. This class is for those of you who are ready for a sales strategy that sells to the luxury wedding market.


Event design is often overlooked and underutilized by florists, yet it has the potential to boost revenue and enhance credibility within your business. It comprises a comprehensive visual storyboard of the wedding, meticulously considering every detail from the bridal attire to the lighting, linens, and all the beautiful details in between.  

Embracing event design can set you apart as a wedding professional, offering clients an unforgettable experience from start to finish. This design service is offered to clients as an additional option when they are not collaborating with a professional event planner to ensure that they get their full high-end vision!

Who is this class for?

In curating this two-part course, I considered the common struggles faced by designers, such as the trial-and-error process of connecting with luxury clients and earning their trust with substantial budgets. I thought about the countless hours wasted on figuring it all out, and the overwhelming anxiety I experienced in my early years when closing high-end sales was a challenge. I recalled the frustration of developing my sales strategy without guidance, as there was no one available who had achieved success and was willing to offer assistance or share insights. This class is designed for individuals like my former self, who possessed the passion, drive, and ambition to make a significant impact in the wedding industry and secure financial success for their families but lacked the knowledge of how to earn the trust of luxury clients. It's for those who are motivated, driven, and fully prepared to establish a strong presence in the luxury wedding industry.

I have spent my career working to ensure that no one has to struggle their way to success. I want to be the teacher, guide, and mentor for you that I wished so badly to have in my own career. You will leave this course with a weight lifted from your shoulders, inspired to make changes to your sales strategy, and you’ll know exactly how to do it. You are not ALONE. I am coming to visit and I am bringing my strategies with me!

*Times are subject to change

Morning Session

10:00am to 10:30am  

    In today's social media-driven landscape, leads can come from various sources. In this session, Sarah will unveil her strategies for effectively interviewing, assessing, and determining whether potential clients are a suitable fit before scheduling an in-person meeting or video consultation. This approach empowers luxury wedding florists to work smarter, not harder, by ensuring they invest their time with the right clients.

    10:30am to 11:30am  

    I'll personally guide you through my multi-step process for communicating with luxury clients. This interactive format provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in client conversations and observe how I navigate even the most challenging sales situations

    You will learn:

    • Vocal techniques to convey confidence and expertise
    • Visual cues to enhance your sales strategy
    • Creative strategies for upselling in the future
    • Organized communication strategies
    • Clever budget management (because every wedding has a budget, even those exceeding $100k)"
    3. THE CLOSE

    11:30am to 12:00pm  

    The most pivotal moment in any sales strategy is closing the deal. Discover how I craft a clear and concise communication plan that significantly boosts closing rates, because a sale isn't truly sealed until the payment is received. This session will empower you to confidently reach for those checks (or send those payment links).

    Lunch - Provided by Intrigue
    12:00pm - 1:00pm

    This is a working lunch as you gather with your fellow designers and have a bit of fun with an interactive lunchtime assignment. 

    Afternoon Session

    1:00pm to 3:00pm 

    Imagine effortlessly boosting your annual revenue by over $20,000, simply by monetizing something you’re already doing for free.

    You will leave this class with:

    • Profound insights and an understanding into the Event Design process
    • A well-defined strategy for delivering easy-to-follow design plans.
    • A clear understanding of pricing Event Design services
    • An organized template to create event-stunning designs

    **CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments (full, partial & monthly plans) are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other date or event. Payments are transferable only when transferring the ticket name for the same event on the same date/time to another attendee. Once a payment plan has been activated, you are committing to complete all monthly payments without disruption regardless of event attendance. NO REFUNDS. Travel/hotel not included.**


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  2. February 26 & 27 - Savannah, GA
  3. March 4 & 5 - Austin, TX
  4. March 11 & 12 -  St. Louis, MO
  5. March 18 & 19 - Santa Barbara, CA
  6. March 25 & 26 - NY/NJ
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