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Garden Media - Marketing Campagin

$9,000.00 $12,000.00



INSTAGRAM @intrigue_designs

September 15 - Opening Post (INSTAGRAM Main Feed)

September 15 - How to Buy Lilies (INSTAGRAM Main Feed)

September 15 & 16 - Re-Share Influncer Posts (INSTAGRAM Stories)

September 17 - Sunset Lily Arch TIME LAPSE (INSTAGRAM Main feed)

September 17 - Fun Facts (INSTAGRAM Stories)

September 18 - Fun Facts Q & A  (INSTAGRAM Stories)

September 21 & 22 - Lily Video Clips (INSTAGRAM Stories )

Community Influencer Program

September 15-22 - INSTAGRAM Influencer Posts

September 15-22 INSTAGRAM Stories shared to @intrigue_designs

September 22 - October 2 Lily Challenge (NO CHARGE/NOT CONTRACTED)

NON-Contracted (no charge) Social Media Exposure

FACEBOOK: Posts as desired within the "Intrigue Teaches Wedding Community" This chatter has already begun and is shared at the choosing of the Intrigue Team to help support Instagram Campaign (Additional posts with educated schedules may be added for an additional fee)

TIKTOK: Posts as desired. This is a new platform for Intrigue and we are in the research stage. No paid sponsorships are currently available with Intrigue for this platform. All posts and exposure for the #ilovelilies campaign are done at the sole discretion of the Intrigue Team.

INTRIGUE PLATFORM: All videos shared with the internal Intrigue community. There is never any charge for this when hiring us to create new educational content.  All material created is shared to this audience.

Again, Once this campaign is completed we can discuss the next steps and create a new campaign that continues to propel the "I Love Lilies" message. 



September 15 - How to Buy Lilies (INSTAGRAM Main Feed)

September 1L