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FBI: Floral Business International

FBI: Floral Business International


You think you’re not selling because your designs aren’t good enough, but that’s NOT TRUE. It’s all in the marketing and the business strategy!

This is where I have excelled in my business and, in doing so, have surrounded myself with some of the best minds in the wedding and floral industry. I am bringing these minds ONLINE. This flower focused business event is hosted virtual, right on your computer, and it's all business. Rather than playing with flowers as we do at most Intrigue Events, we will be breaking out the laptops and notebooks to focus on the parts of our businesses that need our attention, and the pieces that allow us to be successful so that we can continue to do what we love.

The mission of FBI (Floral Business International) is to uplift and grow the future leaders of the floral, planning, and design industry. You are good enough and with the right strategy and a fine tuned business you will THRIVE!

During Floral Business International, you will receive focused, intensive business training in 3 steps:


Learn the strategies behind running successful businesses with focus on: Marketing - Finance & Accounting - Public Relations - Wholesale Ordering - Pricing - Social Media - Video Strategy - Email Marketing - Staffing - Wedding Workflow - Sales Strategy - Reinventing Retail - Home Studio Organization  . 


You will be employed with the tools it takes to identify your skills, maximize your profit margins, harbor you inner-strengths, attract your ideal clients. Conquer your marketing, gain the confidence to take charge and claim your seat at the leadership table. 


After you finish this online training, you will be a different leader than when you first sat down. You will be armed with the education and empowerment to stand up for your worth, value what your individuality brings to your industry. Walk out the door with the strength and motivation required to take big risks, for big results.


When: May 20th & 21st, 2019

Where:  ONLINE


Immerse yourself in full 2 days of specifically curated, in-depth education, empowerment, and encouragement. We’ll train, connect, and grow in a learning environment catered to you.


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