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COVID-19 Florists Recovery Program


This is a "NOT FOR PROFIT" course. Select" FREE DOWNLOAD" from the dropdown list to download for free.

Any and all donations made from this program will be given to the Intrigue Scholarship Fund and awarded to florists-in-need to recieve education and classes.
*More details below.


This product is a collection of WEBINARS, INTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, PODCASTS, BLOGS AND BUSINESS ARTICLES relating to al things COVID-19 & the floral industryWe feel the stress of this unprecedented pandemic inflitrating the backbone of our industry. We want to make sure that the vital information and resources spread all over the internet are are available to any and all who need them in one clean, easy-to-navigate place.

At this unprecedented time in history, we understand that everyone is in a different financial position. If you are able and willing, we are collectign donations for Intrigue's SCHOLARSHIP FUND. If you would like to contribute, any and all funds will be put to good use, giving florists in need of eduction and business guidance the help they need. We would love your support so that we can continue to offer aid to those who are stuggling in our floral community, but is IS NOT required. If you are unable to afford to donate, we see you, we sending you our best wishes, and we ask that you select the "FREE TO DOWNLOAD" option from the dropdown list. You and your business are very important to us and we want to succeed together.

*If you would like to make a large donation that the options lists, you are able to add MORE THAN ONE donation to your cart to create a larger sum.

*Donating to the Intrigue SCHOLARSHIP FUND is on the "honors system."
We will not be no checking, qualifying or judging those are able or are not able to contribute. This is a time when we all need to come together to help support one another. 

TOGETHER we have the opportunity to support and uplift our community!  



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