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The Intrigue Installation Tour has gotten a "blossoming remix" that you won't want to miss. We’re proud to present the VIRTUAL INSTALLATION TOUR!


Here's what our students are saying about the BIG DREAMS Virtual Installation Class:

Sarah shares a little bit more about the Hands On Experience that has been recently added to Big Dreams Floral Installation Masterclass!


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Learn how to DESIGN & SELL BIG, BEAUTIFUL FLORAL INSTALLATIONS to building your business and blooming your profit! This 10-part course is a detailed look into all-things installations. We'll deep dive into conception and planning, flower choices and recipe creation, floral design, installation mechanics, production techniques and tips, wedding and event day strategies, designs, pricing and more!

You'll receive:

  • 8 Floral Installation Design Modules: These installation designs have been the foundation to my success in my floral business, I'm teaching you how to build them step-by-step.
  • 2 Installation-Focused Business Intensive Modules: Let's deep dive into how to price, pitch, sell and transform your business using floral installations.
  • ​On-Demand Training: Once the course is launched, you'll get lifetime access & unlimited replays, accessible at any time.
  • Big Dreams: LIVE Exclusive Invitations: Students of the virtual installation course unlock access to special LIVE design experiences inspired by the virtual masterclass and are only open to students enrolled in the online course. This Hybrid option is an opportunity for hands on experience to those learning online. Further information and more details can be found at the bottom of the page!

Join me for this 10-PART COURSE focused exclusively on FLORAL INSTALLATIONS. We'll deep-dive into flower choices, floral design, installation mechanics, production techniques, wedding day strategies, client consultations, pricing knowledge you need to bring your couples' blooming floral installations to life! Floral chandeliers, staircases, and walls are more than trendy or insta-cool; they’re real, concrete, business building, PROFIT BUILDING TOOLS.

I have seen past workshop attendees DOUBLE & TRIPLE THEIR FLORAL BUDGETS using what they learned from the Installation Tour. Ready to delve into large-scale installations but freeze in the wake of the complicated mechanics, design and execution? Is your business is suffering because you are struggling to price and sell your designs, and can’t seem to find the clients that want them. YOU NEED THIS COURSE.

Not everything is as easy as following an instruction manual...but your INSTALLATIONS are about to be.

  • About BIG DREAMS: Live!

    These hands-on, in-person floral installation experiences are inspired by Intrigue’s BIG DREAMS: Virtual Installation Masterclass. This opportunity is exclusively available to those who are enrolled in the BIG DREAMS: Virtual Installation Masterclass.

    These events will be on a small, intimate scale giving you real life design experience. This hands-on, in-person event will be led by student designers, giving everyone a chance to participate and absorb the inspiration!

    These flower focused events will help Big Dreams students to sharpen hands-on, in-person experience and give us all the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect face-to-face. There is no additional fee for students to participate in this new hybrid learning feature for 2022 and 2023 as we fine tune this opportunity.

    Hosted 2-3 times throughout the year. Dates and Venues TBA

    Maximum of 10 students per design. This experience is open exclusively to students of the Big Dreams Virtual Installation Masterclass.

    *Enrollment in the Big dreams: Virtual Installation Masterclass is mandatory in order to attend this event.

  • *Team registration is for (up to 5) employees within the same organization. Employment status of each employee being registered must be confirmed by the Intrigue Team before being approved. Freelancers are not employees and do not qualify for the Team Access. This program is strictly monitored.