Click PLAY BELOW to watch floral dreams become a reality in this installation design tutorial.

With this video, you are getting an inside look at our Big Dreams: Virtual Installation Masterclass. This 10-PART COURSE is focused exclusively on FLORAL INSTALLATIONS. We'll deep-dive into flower choices, floral design, installation mechanics, production techniques, wedding day strategies, client consultations, pricing knowledge you need to bring your couples' blooming floral installations to life! Floral chandeliers, staircases, and walls are more than trendy or insta-cool; they’re real, concrete, business building, PROFIT BUILDING TOOLS.

Today, Sarah’s sights are set on creating a POLAR BEAR BABY'S BREATH installation with a sweeping wall design that is overflowing with bountiful baby's breath blooms that swirl and seem to float from the wall to the floor effortlessly. This BEAUTIFUL CREATION will leave you swirling in a FLORAL FANTASY.


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