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In this VIDEO you will be provided:

    • A review of tools and supplies needed to create the installation
    • Step by step easy to follow directions that you can watch, pause and re-watch as many times as needed to create your masterpiece
    • Insider secrets from Sarah to help you improve your designs and expand your business

 By the end of this step by step VIDEO you will:

    • Be able to create a stunning Polar Bear Baby's Breath Installation
    • Understand how mono-floral designs can maximize your profit as floral designer
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You watched Sarah & Jordan rock your floral world on Netflix's The Big Flower Fight as they built over the top, towering INSTALLATIONS using BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS.

The Color Queen is back at it again! Buckle up for a blossoming ride!

Today, Sarah’s sights are set on creating a POLAR BEAR BABY'S BREATH installation with a sweeping wall design that is overflowing with bountiful baby's breath blooms that swirl and seem to float from the wall to the floor effortlessly.

This BEAUTIFUL CREATION will leave you swirling in a FLORAL FANTASY.

Now is your chance to watch this Polar Bear Baby's Breath Installation video for FREE!

Bringing installations to life for weddings and events is a challenge! It requires a delicate balance or creativity and logic, design skills and logistics.

You've got to have a dreamy vision, and a realistic plan! And, on top of all of that, you've got to stand strong under event pressure!

Want to see how one of the floral industry's leading teams gets it done?

Watch this free POLAR BEAR BABY'S BREATH INSTALLATION video to see what it takes to bring a floral installation to life.

Watch Sarah & Jordan tackle their biggest, bloomiest challenge yet on Netflix's The Big Flower Fight as they built over-the-top, towering INSTALLATIONS using BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS and PLANTS!

You won't believe your eyes as 10 teams of florists, farmers, and artists compete to build the most impressive garden sculptures using plants and flowers. Family-friendly, and full of flowers, this is going to be your next favorite Netflix binge!

The Big Flower Fight

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