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Apron - Intrigue (Limited Editions)


APRONS are BACK! In just a matter of days we are down to our last few styles. Order now before these styles are gone (FORVER) This is our last run of the original patterns.

(Thank you to EVERYONE who reached out to us about the aprons. YOU created the demand for these floral, flirty apron designs. Now they're back!)

I know that designing isn't always pretty, but I sure do try to play the part! You've heard me rave about my favorite aprons. I have my favorite apron up a notch by updating it's beautiful design and making it more functional with the addition of, you guessed it...pockets!

After hours of working with our suppliers and sourcing the most gorgeous floral prints, I am excited to introduce you to the first line of Intrigue Aprons. They are beautiful for you, and functional for your tools!

*Styles are limited and supplies are low. If you want an "Intrigue Apron" buy it today before your favorite pattern is gone.

This is a limited run and these patterns may not be available for future purchase.









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