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Private Workshop: One-on-One


Do you learn better in a one-on-one setting? These private workshops are designed to give you hands on design time and business coaching working directly with Master Designer Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue Team.  The session will take place in the Annapolis, Maryland design warehouse where you will get an up close and personal look at how Intrigue operates, organizes and produces epic weddings.  Your workshops is completely customized by you so that you can focus on the areas that will help your business and your design skill grow. Focuses range from floral design and marketing to business education and social media strategy. A complete list of available focuses is listed below

Each day of your private session will begin at 9:00am and will include back to back design time as well as lunch with Sarah where you are free to discuss anything that is on your mind.  This is a priceless part of the day as there are no restrictions. Sarah will open up and share experiences and knowledge she has gained from over 14+ years in the wedding industry as both a Wedding Planner and Floral/Event Designer. The afternoon will be a combination of design time and business education based on the focuses you have selected and will conclude at 4:00pm.

You will leave these sessions feeling inspired, encouraged and with a boost of business and design energy that will help bring your floral business to its next step. Needless to say you will also leave with a wonderful new friend and memories of an incredible experience.

1 Day Session: $2,500 (Choose up to 2 design focuses and 2 business focuses)

2 Day Session: $3,500 (Choose up to 4 design focuses and 4 business focuses)

Additional Attendee: $800 *Attendee must be from the same company or organization

Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm  Location: Easton, Maryland

-Hands On- Items with a (2) count as 2 items as they are more detailed and require more time and flowers


Low Compote Centerpiece

Tall Traditional Centerpiece

Tall Grand/Over The Top Centerpiece 

Floral Chandelier

Floral Wall (2)

Suspended Floral Display (2)

Floral Runner

Cake Flowers

Floral Table Cloth (2)

Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Classic Holder Bouquet

European Holder Bouquet

Classic Cascading Bouquet

Ombre Bouquet



Floral Jewelry

Floral Crowns

Large Scale Floral Grouping

Chuppah / 4 point alter structure (2)

Floral Arch (2)

Website review & feedback


Social Media: Instagram Strategy 

Social Media: Facebook Advertising & Strategy

Defining your ideal client

Selling to your Ideal Client

Wholesale Flower Ordering

Flower Counts for Wedding & Event Work

Proposal Writing

Design Presentation

Pricing Strategy

Portfolio Review & Advice

Booking TV Segments

Getting Published (blogs & publications)

Becoming a Leader in your Market

Teaching & Public Speaking for the Floral Industry


*Tickets are non‐refundable & non-transferable 

*Travel & Accommodations are not included (Air Travel: There are 3 major airports you can fly into (Baltimore/Washington International (recommended), Reagan National, Dulles International).  There are a number of hotels to choose from in the Easton area.  Our favorite is the Tidewater inn.  

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